Explaining Philip K Dick’s Exegesis. The private papers documenting his cosmic illumination b a pink laser have long gilded the PKD legend. The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick [Philip K. Dick, Pamela Jackson, Jonathan Lethem in the first place, I have not read much of PKD’s work, of course the film Blade. PKD -de nuevo según la historia oficial- acabó años después desquiciado y al leer la Exégesis: para Philip lo determinante es la inmensa cantidad de.

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Reading and Writing Yourself to Gnosis: Philip K. Dick and the Exegesis – Evolve + Ascend

Who had been reincarnated as his cat that only stayed with them for three years, before it too died of cancer. His letters, life and fiction are like paranoids of the large scale chemtrail, mkultra, fema camp crowds, a lot to shake your head. While the highbrow literary atheists can tolerate Eliot, and the Fantastics put up with Tolkien and CS Lewis, Science Fiction has, as a genre, remained at odds with the theological, in fact this opposition is, in many ways, a science fictional religion in its own right.

Dick’s Christianity is a constant theme and he constantly reaches for theological apparatus I’ve never even heard of.

The book is tasking and frustrating and at times mind boggling. And at the same time, stem off the maddening nature of it.

The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick

A descent into a labyrinth. For a short time, as hard as this is to believe or explain, I saw fading into view the black, prisonlike contours of hateful Rome.

The majority of PKD fans are familiar with the fact that in earlythe author received what some consider to be a hallucination or epileptic attack, but he perceived as a vision, or religious revelation. Long history of amphetamine use. The first is gnostic in essence, and states that the world is some sort of forgery and consequently evil.


To vision artists there seem to be many of these. And unusual for me, I expect to return to the book from time to time just to jump in for a blast of PKDickiana. You will not be disappointed From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He had reached a point in his career where money began to flow a bit more freely, a fan base had grown, international markets were bestowing more praise than his home country, and SF conventions were inviting him to keynote and paying for his trips.

This baptism of the Holy Spirit, Phil calls the H. Hold on to your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen. But they are happy for him to do so just as long as it is a fun metaphor making an important point but not to be taken seriously.

Explaining Philip K Dick’s Exegesis

Platt, “The Voices in Philip K. Idols were always being knocked off. To have to say Christian Apocalypse, as if there were any other, shows how far adrift the times, for apparently it is not common knowledge that Ezekiel and Daniel, Isaiah and David are its foundation.

Since this is our unconscious mythology, the deep structure within our psyches from which all of our modern condition is derived, transcending it, even for a brief moment, entails seeing the universe in a radically transformed way, as the ancients did.

He may have seen through to the underlying reality of, well, our perception of exegeeis. At points, he seems to believe that ‘real time’ ceased around 70 CE; that all time since then is an illusion. The material was too dense for me to read more than ten to twenty pages at a time.


It’s fashionable to say “the Universe” rather than “the Galaxy” these days.

But the fundamental strategy that puts the plots in motion is the immersion, or appearance, of the hero in a world where he does not belong, where he is shielded, for a time, from his real nature. He deploys every concept he can lay his hands on during this attempt. One year his best Claudia Bush letters sold for about a thousand bucks each, major statements of these things. This deeper substratum between interior world and exterior reality, between matter and meaning, the text of the page and the text of life is exactly the precarious path of the literary gnostic.

The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick – Wikipedia

It is probably impossible for anyone who has read Dick’s novels as fiction to re-read them as archives of revelation; but in another sense what Dick does in “Exegesis” is entirely comprehensible, because fictions are certainly commonly unconscious or inadvertent articulations of their authors’ beliefs. If you wish to test yourself with a work that is far from ordinary and almost painfully provocative in its uncanny awareness, do not miss The Exegesis of Philip K. It’s exegeeis process of exploration that I find most intriguing.

Along the way we see the modern day become Rome circa AD, a Black Iron Prison world, a simulation run by archonic overseers, and the battle ground for god-like AI moving in opposite directions through time, from the starting point of chaos to order and from order to entropy.