Check out Fantasia Alonso De Mudarra by Terry Muska on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on This edition of Fantasia X (No) by Alonso Mudarra (c–) is an arrangement of the original vihuela work. The nice harp-like fingering by Frederick. It is often referred to as Fantasía X or Fantasía 10 because it is the tenth fantasy in the His name is more commonly spelled Ludovico or Lodovico, but Mudarra .

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These three books contain the first music ever published for the four-course guitar, which was then a relatively new instrument.

Fantasía by Alonso Mudarra

Tiento para harpa A work composed by Mudarra aroundand performed in The place of his birth is not recorded, but he grew up in Guadalajaraand probably received his faantasia training there. But even Julian Bream’s lute peformance—the lute also using two strings per course—relied heavily on reverb natural or otherwise and the instrument’s resonance to create a rich sound. Although sometimes more difficult to play, this approach produces better results on the guitar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Such works can be distinguished from each other by their folio numbers or by fanrasia to each a number based on their order of appearance compared to other works of the same type. Problems playing this file?

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Later revisions may correct discovered errors, change fingering, improve kudarra of the engraving, and make other editorial changes. Compositions represented in this publication fantasiq fantasiasvariations including a set on La Foliatientospavanes and galliardsand songs.

The original tablature calls for E and A be played together in measure 42 of my transcription instead of in sequence. At the moment, our stores are closed.


Fantasia No (Mudarra, Alonso) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Mudarra died in Seville, and his sizable fortune was distributed to the poor of the city according to his will. From here to near the end there are some dissonant notes; played well they are not displeasing.

Modern listeners are probably most familiar with his Fantasia X, which has been a concert and recording mainstay for many years. The music was likely quite different from anything yet composed for the vihuela.

Alonso Mudarra

Three books of music in tablature for the vihuela. Regenerated output after fixing LilyPond 2. This page was last edited on 29 Maymudarrq The parameters used for LilyPond 2. I say may because multiple works may use the same descriptive text. Changed left-hand fingering in measures 71 and If you look at the actual tablature in Figure 1measure 42 of my transcription is correct, where the E 2nd fret fourth string and A open fifth string are played together instead of in sequence, as commonly played.

Have a question now? Download preview high resolution PDF.

Luduvico was a celebrated harpist who used chromatic dissonances in his playing. Instead, the title describes the type of piece—a fantasy—along with a description that may set it apart from other works of the same type. Quality guarantee The Unizo E-commerce Label guarantees that you can shop in our web store in good faith. The second book is noteworthy in that it contains eight multi-movement works, all arranged by “tono”, or mode.

In many instances, you will want to leave a finger in place as long as possible before moving it, ensuring a muvarra sounds to maximum duration.

At various points you will have to make use of hinge barres. Instead, the playing style was probably more like what Mudarra notated for the vihuela, where a note dies as soon as the next one is played on the same string.


Herestraat 7 Leuven Belgium T. Also, in mudarr 73, play the third-string A by using a hinge barre, keeping the first finger on the fourth-string E. View the first page for free below. Mudarra wrote numerous pieces for the vihuela ffantasia the four-course guitar, all contained in the collection Tres libros de musica en cifras para vihuela “Three books of music in numbers for vihuela”which he published on December 7, in Seville.

We will be open the day after tomorrow from 10am. Fantasia 10 by Alonso de Mudarra: When playing this piece—at least with the fingerings in this edition—it is especially important to place your fingers in position as you are playing. Follow us on to read all the latest news! Play it whichever way works best for you. In order to evoke 110 harp-playing the piece imitates, arpeggios suit the guitar well, allowing notes to ring one on top of another.

Fantasía by Alonso Mudarra –

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Monday 31 December At the moment, our stores are closed. I recommend listening to Julian Bream’s performance on the lute I think it’s better than his later vihuela recordingeven though it gets one measure of music wrong more on that later.

Another innovation was the judarra of different signs for different tempos: Follow us on Facebook Follow us on to read all the latest news!