First download Firefox.. duh right:) Then open your ThinApp setup capture application, it will illustrate the steps required to ThinApp your application. This tutorial will guide you through how to install Vmware Thinapp Packager, in which after we will package Firefox 4 into a Thinapp Package. This tutorial is. I just learned there are problems with Firefox and Thinapp, apparently since (release date: december 16th, a full three months before the article was.

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A blanket “not supported” isn’t of much help.

Firstly create a base line snapshot so that you can revert to this snapshot at the end of this tutorial. Copy this folder to a network share somewhere and revert the Operating System snapshot back to the baseline. You can have my project, please contact me privately. So you made something different. When we click on Prescan, the application will scan the Operating System and create a baseline so that it can see what changes are made once an application is installed.

What I would do: I have the same question Show 1 Likes 1. Repeat this tutorial to create another Thinapp Application. Oddly enough, a Nightly For example I would change the default cache size down tjinapp MB.


Please can you share the Download Link of the used setup file?

Vmware Thinapp Creating a Thinapp

Tbinapp files with thinapped application. This content has been marked as final. Any version after Please check thihapp KB: Trying to load URLs doesn’t work either. Chrome and its missing taskbar icon. Back at the Thinapp Capture click Postscan. Sure I have some weird stuff and I did have to do some workarounds https: The latest version of Firefox supported by ThinApp is Accept the License Agreement and click Next.

Please type your message and try again.

Vmware Thinapp Creating a Thinapp

Oddly enough the thinapp only works on virtual desktops, not on physical machines. This tutorial is performed on a baseline or SOE desktop image of Windows 7. Closing the application sometimes works, usually I have to kill it. Click the application that you wish to package and click Next.

Click on ThinApp Setup Capture to start the application.

Generally the generated thinapp works then already, but I’m an old school packager so I clean things up to make it neat and add some company specific stuff to make the PoS somewhat manageable. Nothing really exciting, to be honest. I tried a lot of things but didn’t figured out to get it working.


Thanks Everyone for the information!! Do you have instructions for Thinapping Visio Articles on this Page showing articles to of I have create file associations for few thinapped applications Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word. I include a set of mandatory settings, I fireofx a VBS script to copy a default profile, install and if required, remove some standard extensions into that profile, and install fireffox couple of certificates into the mozilla certificate store which thinaop also in that profile.

It’s nothing really exciting though, but maybe you can extract some details from it you can use. But alas, it seems between Nightly and Beta something consistently changes in Firefox, yielding it inoperable when Thinapped. Maybe I can relate some of the albeit minor thianpp to it so I can close some internal support tickets complaining about that minor stuff with that info.

This is the folder that is created in C: Browsing All Articles Articles. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. You can not post a blank message.