Formless has ratings and 11 reviews. Martin said: Actually, it’s by Bois and Rosalind E. Krauss. Modern art reassessed thru Bataille. The book borrow. The concept of formlessness was re-introduced by the cultural theorists Rosalind Krauss and Yves-Alain Bois in , when they used Bataille’s notion of. Formless: A User’s Guide, [excerpt]. A User’s Guide to Entropy*. ROSALIND KRAUSS. X MARKS THE SPOT. Sometime in Bruce Nauman made a plaster.

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The first, that of Jackson Pollock, is a surprising choice, given the strong link between his work and the “idealized,” aestheticised materialism of Clement Greenberg. To ask other readers questions about Formlessplease sign up. She wants to associate the breakup of the figure-ground distinction with the formless, but is all too aware of the importance this breakup has had for that flrmless Greenbergian modernism she is so eager to reject.

Also include categories that we did not mention so far e. But the value of “real value” is no longer what it used to be.

Other Voices (March ), Victor Grauer “Formless: A Review”

The manner in which this science might actually operate to perform a non-dialectical subversion in, say, a work of art, is not really discussed. If the authors worked on this some fifteen years, they must have had a lot of fun.

Another related formlsss of the problem can forless seen in Freud’s treatment, in Totem and Taboo, of the process he calls “secondary elaboration”: Moreover, each main category is also a subcategory, either of itself or another category.

This latter issue lies, I suspect, at the heart of their continual return to that notion which has such importance for Bataille: If possible, find significant examples of these rozalind.

But it is very difficult to see how the subheadings fit under their categories. Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind E. Jrauss and Hudson, Investigate the conceptual dimensions which underly this classification.


Krauss continues with more predictable readings of certain floor-oriented works by Robert Morris, followed by a discussion of what may be the most apt examples formess any in the book Andy Warhol’s spectacular “Oxidation Paintings,” produced by literally placing canvasses on the floor and pissing on them.

The first thing I wish to say is how much I have always admired these authors, how much I have learned from them, how impressed I am with what they have accomplished here, and how enthusiastically I welcome an approach which so effectively gets beyond so many of the limitations and oversimplifications of a certain, very common, type of “postmodern” discourse on the arts.

Perhaps they were never even formulated. The Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Marc rated it really liked it Jul 31, The difficulties entailed formlesss this notion become evident when we review certain key distinctions emphasized by our authors. Victor Grauer Other Voices, v.

An Analysis of Concepts of Pollution and Taboo. Return to Book Page. What is clearly intended as an example of the formless “put to use” can quite easily be seen otherwise as a crouching, black-haired, faceless figure with an elongated head, knees just below the chin, with a right arm extended downward to both encircle the legs and clasp a left arm at the elbow. If this is so, he reasoned, it is because the event was one that the subject both witnessed and was absent from; which is to say that it happened to a subject who was, peculiarly, not there.

Robert Morris earnestly cuts a huge bolt of felt according to some simple scheme and then hangs it from a wall, where the strands deploy according to gravitational laws nature’s own horizontality.

Such works institute a new relation between the canvas and the viewer, who must observe these dripped, poured, cigarette-stubbed-out-on, trash-thrown-into canvasses as though looking downward. Ofrmless we list some of the forms of formlessness that have been explored. What is at stake is the very possibility of a nondialectical materialism: They chart its persistence within a history of modernism that has always repressed it in the interest of privileging Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind E.


Krauss and Bois have followed a “trajectory” to borrow one of their favorite terms which, at several krakss and not only in this bookintersects with certain aspects of my own. But in the course of the twentieth century, this very notion form has become suspect.

Formless: A User’s Guide

In the now-classic study of Bataille’s encounter with Hegel titled, “From Restricted to General Economy,” Derrida, after a generally approving karuss of Bataille’s transgressive strategies, hesitates: Alexis rated it liked it Aug 21, It is “a sinking, a spoiling, but perhaps also an irrecoverable waste. Sonia rated it it was amazing Oct 21, The informe is the unassimilable waste that Bataille would shortly designate as the very object of heterology.

And, in turn, these works themselves have been put to use by the authors, in an effort to demonstrate the operationality of the informe.

But man has repressed this token of his animalistic history by insisting on standing upright and striving, always, for that which is “high. Order krahss restriction; from all possible materials, a limited selection has been made and from all possible relations a limited set has been used. Indispensable text for rethinking modernism and the avant-garde. Our authors are therefore fighting a battle on two fronts: