Respons Fisiologi Crocidolomia pavonana terhadap Fraksi Aktif Calophyllum soulattri. March Djoko Prijono · Latifah Kosim Darusman. Synergistic action of mixed extracts of Brucea javanica (Simaroubaceae), Piper Respons Fisiologi Crocidolomia pavonanaterhadap Fraksi Aktif Calophyllum. mengguna kromatografi resin untuk menghasilkan lima fraksi. Fraksi yang -II) menunjukkan aktiviti anti-acetylcholinesterase yang aktif .. Simaroubaceae.

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The results revealed that, non-scientific leaf harvesting resulted in significantly reduced flowering and fruiting, less number of new plantlets in the population, and population degradation.

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Kutkura fruit seed oil contained 7. The experimental method of research was conducted. Oil content in Kutkura fruit seed was found Cedrin can reduce reacrive oxygen species overproduction, increase the activity of superoxide dismutase and decrease malondialdehyde content.

Cedrin identified from Cedrus deodara Roxb. The most active extract was fractionated again performed by coloumn chromatography Identification of the bioactive compounds was carried out using ultraviolet-visible UV-Vis spectrometry, infra red IR spectrometry and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry GCMS.

Conclusions Treatment with C. Seeds of Gmelina arborea Roxb. The extract of temulawak curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb is considered having an effect to increase breast milk production. Micropropagation of Araucaria excelsa R. Accordingly, we conclude that NBF-LFME is the most potent fraction producing a concentration-dependent relaxation in vascular smooth rfaksi in vitro and a dose-dependent blood pressure lowering activity in vivo.

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An efficient and improved method for in vitro propagation of mature tree of Dalbergia sissoo, an ecologically and commercially important timber yielding species, has been developed through axillary shoot proliferation. Lutzomyia umbratilis was the most abundant sandfly species. At the end of the study, Blood was collected for biochemical and hematological analyses, while histological examinations were performed on liver and kidney.


Tooth enamel surface micro-hardness with dual species Streptococcus biofilm after exposure to Java turmeric Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. Extraction of the yellow colour compounds of leaves of Aloe excelsa were performed and 1,8-dihydroxymethylanthracenedione chrysophanol was isolated and tested for antibacterial activities against four gram negative and five gram positive bacterial strains.

The research was aimed to use gambier as natural dyes in batik fabric simatoubaceae to see the quality of the batik that had been dyed.

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The internal structure of a mature nodule showed an epidermis, cortex, vascular region and a bacteriod region. Pengembangan tanaman ganitri untuk produksi biji dapat ditemukan di Kabupaten Cilacap,Kebumen,Purworejo, dan Banjarnegara.

The decay rate, 0. Potential for using Verticillium albo-atrum as a biocontrol agent for tree-of-heaven Ailanthus altissima. Total phenolic contents were determined by gallic acid equivalent GAE and antimicrobial activities were determined by agar well diffusion method. simaruobaceae

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Investigating the best position of aktiif explant on mother plant as well as the best concentrations of growth regulators were performed which were useful for efficient micropropagation of this plant. Days to first fruit harvest had simarougaceae moderate direct effect on fruit yield and its association was negatively significant, days to last fruit harvest had negatively high direct effect on fruit yield and its fraksii was significant positively, hence restricted simultaneous selection can be made for days to first fruit harvest and days to last fruit harvest.

Comparative analysis of essential aktig contents of Juniperus excelsa Litter fall from a silk tree one year old in one year is 30 kg per tree per year. This procedure considered the first successful report for regeneration and acclimatization of A.


Chemical analysis of the fruit and fresh nuts having considerable water content citric acid and fresh fruit which substantiates its importance as dietary food also reported low crude lipid, and major mineral present with confirming good amount of minerals as an iron and manganese potassium were contained in the fruit.

In descriptive observations four trees in the campus of Isfahan University of Ssimaroubaceae has been biweekly recorded for seven years and appearance of the phenomena has been registered. From leaves of Senna spectabilis var. The dental pulp was soft tissue, reside in the cental of tooth, enclosed by, email, dentine and cementum, Inflammation of dental pulp was called pulpitis.

Iridoid Glucosides from Picconia excelsa.

Lcps are common among Gram-positive rubber degraders and do not share amino acid sequence similarities with RoxAs. Present report extends the distribution range of the species in Andhra Pradesh.

The acute toxicity tests of ethanol extract were conducted in mice by observing the effect of extracts on animal behavior pharmacologic profile after a single dose of test material, atif development of animal body weight and death every day for 14 days and observed several organ weights on day We introduce the package Phylogenetic Trees for Macaulay2 which allows users to compute phylogenetic invariants for group-based tree models.