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If yes, what are your conclusions. With a homebuilt permanent magnet motor, where cheap components have been used and the quality of workmanship may not be all that great though that is most definitely not the case with some home constructionthe shaft power may not be very high.

Where can I find such a design? Please consider supporting Energetic Ihfo with a voluntary monthly subscription.

The Robert Britt Motor. If Stan was mistaken, and he died of ‘natural causes’, then it was remarkably convenient timing for the oil companies and the government, and his retro-fit kits were never manufactured.

Running an Electrical Generator on Water Alone.

free energy plans and patents

Choosing unspecified component values. It does not, of course, show that the original device did kk operate exactly as described, just that the possibly pukbook attempt at replication, was not successful.

Building a Simple Generator Suggestions for building a flywheel generator. Raising DC Motor Efficiency. No such change is necessary, it merely depends on your point of view. This is what I’m running at the moment on my earthbattery. Of course, this body of information is not static — on the contrary, it is very fastmoving. Returning to permanent magnet motors themselves, one of the top names in this field is Howard Johnson. Smith circuit was not balanced and it needed counterweight which was Earth ground just my personal thought.


A design that is complimentary to our DNA which in itself is quite the ‘machine’ itself. The expected working life of one of these tubes is estimated as being seventy years.

Nikola Tesla’s power from air system, Dr. The Molina Martinez self-powered electrical generator patent.

Free energy

The rich people are normally rich because they have a lucrative business, and they can bring pressure to bear on the Professor, not to allow any research which would compete with their existing business profits. Unlike the battery, we do not put it in a position where it immediately destroys its own dipole, so as a result, infk flows around the magnet, pretty much indefinitely.

It would take several lifetimes to do that and it would not be in any way a practical option. If it is sunny weather, how far could you go? I know Don Smith schematic which rolling over Internet is not correct. The HydroStar and HydroGen. I fo express my opinion on that too: It is updates once or twice a week.


Running an Unmodified Generator on Water Alone. The Devices of Hans Coler. Interestingly, the rate at which the wheel rotates is directly proportional to the amount of charge in the batteries being feee. What you believe is up to yourself and is none of my business.

He powers his farm with it and has measured more than 10 ijfo being drawn from it. In the same way, a steam engine does not run on water. The First Barbosa and Leal Replication. Stan Meyer’s Water Injection System. Donald Smith Devices too good to be true.

Find all posts by ewizard. This includes my view of ppjkbook is related between working principles behind Hendershot, Dally,akula,Romanov and other devices.

And it can also be used to unzip DNA. When the motor shaft rotates further, the traveller is pulled to the right when the left-hand magnet is shielded and the right hand magnet is not shielded.