Freeciv is a turn-based strategy game, with some real-time elements, in which each player is the leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goals of a . Freeciv is an open-source, free-to-play, single-player or multi-player, computer game developed independently (since ) but admittedly inspired by. Has anybody found a walkthrough/tutorial for freeciv that really holds your hand like you’ve never played it at all before? This is the obvious.

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The “supported units” lists what units the city is supporting. Just keep 1 defender in each city in dangerous spot, use attackers to get rid of incoming units, use goto to hide unit after attacking. In multiplayer games you must do blitz attacks, or risk that your 20 knight army will be anihilated by single catapult.

It depends on map size, map generator, land size, starting units. But before you start playing, you’ll want to make it easier for yourself to get to know the game.

It is recommended that you try playing solitaire a few times, so that you can get a feel for how things work, but this is not necessary.

Feel free to set whatever timeout seems comfortable, but remember that going above will tend to bother people. Sign In Don’t have an account? Buy barracks as fast you can, usually player starts with 50 gold so you should buy it in second turn after settling capital unless you are playing on islands or a big map.


Just produce tuttorial of knights like and enjoy frefciv. In most times those captured cities are built in bad spots, then just sell improvements and set citizens to scientists, leave such city with 1 warrior inside. The cursor then focuses on another of your units–if it has a horse it’s an explorer, if it has a pick it’s a worker, and if it has a wagon it’s a settler. Rapture master cities to size 8.

These are often referred to as “shields”. If there are just two of you playing, you can usually get away with using timeout 0.

Freeciv — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

You can then use the gold to buy things and negotiate. They can’t attack enemies. So, if you find good tiles, try to include as much as you can in that border. This lists the summary and functionalities of the city:. If it’s a military unit, “info” refers to the unit’s stats more on this later.

The Freeciv Game User’s Guide

As for the rest, higher “mountains” means a more mountainous map, higher “deserts” means more deserts, etc. AI can move 5 units out of city and put is straight befre yout catapult. Nothing fancy in beating AI players.

That depends upon the number of players. So click on somewhere on the freecv the black is okay–and your unit will go there.

Note that all basic units except the explorer can only go 1 tile per turn. There are a number of tutorials and strategy guides available at the Tutorials page.

How to Play

Depending on ruleset – terrain gives a lot of defence bonus. The “present units” frame lists what units are on the city.


Start of Game Edit I’m assuming that you know how to start the game up. The “info” frame tells you what your city is producing. On continental map you should get monarchy quite fast.


Always build military units in city with barracks. Get about master cities. If there’s a number in parenthesis, that’s the more important number showing net values.

If you are beginner skip caravans.

Just be patient, dont attack cities with walls or on mountains. Note that if you switch what you’re working on, you lose half tutoeial all the shields already spent thtorial it if you switch types of production ie from a building to a unitso usually you will only switch when something has just been completed.

This setting determines how many players are placed on the same continent. So “4 2 ” for food means you’re producing 4, but only 2 surplus. The rest of them mainly have to do with what sort of world will be generated and game mechanics. Check also if units have any bonuses against other units, eg.

Workers are good for irrigation, paving roads, erecting fortresses, terrain conversion, and exploration. Tutorizl depends on map playing on. Get republic fast use scientists for it.