Zoe Marriott lives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire with two cats, named Echo and Hero, and the Devil Hound, otherwise known as Finn. FrostFire is her fourth novel. A literary and compelling story about war, revenge and first love from a talented fantasy een-year-old Frost has left her homeland to travel to the. FrostFire (Daughter of the Flames, book 2) by Zoë Marriott – book cover, description, publication history.

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So auch in der verschlossenen Frost. This is a man whose enjoyment of the suffering of others knows no bounds and who is now responsible for the slavery of the dark-skinned people in the country of Ruan, where this story is set.

The Accidental Writer

She is really good at using her weapons. Und so wird mxrriott Geschichte, die durchaus genug an Schlachten und Intrigen zu bieten hat, um Fans klassischer Fantasy zufriedenzustellen, auch zur Geschichte einer Selbstfindung.

The first was of a pair of injured, lost people, talking to each other in the cramped darkness of a tiny cave while a river flowed by outside, confiding secrets that might never emerge in the light of day.

FrostFire deals with all the issues that I never had a chance to explore in DotF. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts madriott email.

Also I wished she really did view spoiler [turn into a wolf when the berserker rage hits her. For example, did you know that she originally planned for the main character to be a hero, not a heroine, and that the two love interests would therefore be female instead of male? Jul 09, Jude Ann Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Schade finde ich, dass dieses Buch nur ein Einzelband ist. Behandelt werden Fragen nach Schuld, aber auch eine zarte Liebesgeschichte fehlt nicht.


Frost finds herself in the most unexpected way, and with a little help she may even come to accept the demon she has been battling her whole life.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ich habe sie mir wie eine Inuit vorgestellt, da sie auch aus einer sehr kalten Gegend stammt.

Eine Hinweis gebe ich euch trotzdem. I thouroughly enjoyed this book. The slow, gentle love kindled by Frost and Luca and the awkward friendship between her and Arian portray how easily lives tangle together and what a mess they can make when they do. The same could be said for the sub-plot where the girl is torn between the good brother and the bad brother, reminiscent of The Vampire Diaries.

The novel fearlessly tackles all different types of love; friendship, family the difference between blood and familyhero worship, love built simply from having somebody try to understand you Plus, the author always leans toward one guy over the other and you know the outcome early on.

Dazu versucht er immer allen zu helfen und stellt sich selber hinten an. Any readers desperate for a heroine who stands up for herself and fights along with the men will love Frost; likewise anyone who wants to read about a hero who doesn’t try to shield his girl from all the world’s evil, but trains her to fight and use the many skills she has already acquired, will love Luca, and perhaps Arian too.


Now, I said that Frost was ‘captivating and real’. Jul 14, Hallie rated it really liked it Shelves: Marriott has obviously spent a lot of time building layers of back-story that shape the person Frost is when we meet her and the person we see her become over the course of the story.

FrostFire by Zoe Marriott

Ein tolles Buch, das mich von Anfang an gefesselt hat. PaperbackUKpages. Review by Madison Frost, a girl who is possessed by the wolf believes she is dangerous and a murderer destined to live apart from everyone else.

While the book won’t officially release frostfkre the US until Candlewick brings it Stateside inBook Depository offers the paperback at a great deal with free international shipping!

There is an intensity to her relationships between Luca and Arian, that gripped me completely. It’s like a knitted scarf!

FrostFire (Daughter of the Flames, book 2) by Zoë Marriott

I really enjoyed the interaction between the three marriotr thought Marriott really made their individual and collective relationships work.

Betrayal on a fundamental level, betrayal by someone that you love.

Trying frosftire to spoil it! The only problem i found with this book, which continues to irk me, is that not enough people have open the cover, because after page one you are hooked.