Guide of Genex Probe forLTE Drive Test Huawei confidential, LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V3 5 Tutorial. Probe The Genex Probe and Genex Assistant for drive tests are part of the Genex series. . LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V Tutorial. Uploaded by. Lte drivetest guideline with genex probe. 1. Consulting| Training| Research LTE DT Theory, Tools and Preparation • Its Time to Work smart not.

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In this way, you can choose several drive test files recently used as your data source.

Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

Figure Shortcut menu of a tab Table lists the descriptions of tab operations. The UE link contains: The Choose Projection dialog box is Projection displayed, as shown in Figure Share buttons are a little bit lower.

Browse and choose the corresponding license file. You can edit the call number or the call setup time in the data configuration window. If the multi-frequency points are set in the measurement plan, right-click in the TopN Pilot window and choose the point to be displayed.

Control Mode z Test by time: Each UE executes different measurement tasks. The recommended value duration sec is 0. Table Results during the co-activation If… Then… The system is in playback or The system co-activates only with the data in the real-time measurement status current window.


The system tells you the current status you are in. You can designate limits on the file size by: The window automatically creates pages for each connected test device to display the test plan and the test completion information of the device. Setting the Display Filter Before test, you can set the sampling frequency for tutrial device.

From the toolbar Click the stop test icon on the toolbar.

The Probe adjusts the track automatically on the map based on the offset angle. The Probe synchronizes with GPS standard time. Chapter 9 Controlling the Test and Playing the Log File Back introduces the test control and log play during and after the test.

Legend Status Bar The legend status bar displays the layer information currently used in the Probe, as shown in Figure The Probe merges several log files based on the original binary format. Lifecycle Cost Perform free. Data Configuration Figure shows the data items in the CW test.

Aims at consistently providing the customers with professional and high-level solutions for network planning and optimization. View the formats and contents of some The data is exported in the. To start a playback.

Guide to Perform Initial DT With GENEX Probe

Device List Toolbar The device list toolbar is used for the operations on the device configuration, as shown in Figure The Add Layer dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure If the device parameters are not correctly configured, the system tuforial an error or warning prompt, as shown in Figure The Device Config dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure In this way, the system recovers the settings of all the tabs and parameter windows after the system reboot.


The values displayed by Assistant are all belong to Delta serial.

The Add Control Point dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure The function takes effect only when the test device is available. Problem Description The Chart window cannot be opened.

With the simple and easy-to-follow test plan, you can lrobe a series of drive tests.

Introduction to GENEX Probe

Figure LogMask dialog box Note: Click Back to return to the previous step. The network operators include but not limited to: Device Those devices that are not supported by the current chart are in gray, indicating unavailability, as shown in Figure Cell number end Indicates the end number for cells.

Solution To solve this problem, perform the following steps: Once the connection does not work or the license is invalid, the system prompts you to connect the hard dongle correctly or to update the license.