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The heavily accented dialogs from a couple of Rastafarian characters serve to exacerbate the comprehension issues. Were the characters alive, dead or artificial?

Thankfully he finished and received a gibsoon better critical reception than he anticipated. Having performed the one unforgivable crime of his shadowy business – stealing from his employer – he has literally been burned out.

I was entranced from the first sentence to the last; dark but also excitedly looking forward as well, It’s amazing how much imagery Gibson can pack into one sentence. This book is one of the relatively few 5-Star books I can rate.

The strokes were far too numerous. After some fringe medical treatment in Siberia reinvents him, he emerges debt-ridden and physically compromised To Call Up a Demon, You Must Learn Its Name As punishment neuromantee a business indiscretion, Case, who lives for the “bodily exultation of cyberspace” one of many neologisms first used in “Neuromancer”is injected with a wartime Russian mycotoxin and hallucinates for 30 hours, only to suffer damage that is “minute, subtle and utterly effective”.

Gibson clearly just wanted to write a string of action sequences and techno-babel. She has retractable blades under her nails!!!

William Gibson and Neuromancer: the man who saw tomorrow | Books | The Guardian

Though it rarely veered into territory that made me uncomfortable, Neuromancer refuses to be censored and depicts acts of deviancy with unique prose. The scenes inside cyberspace are some of my favorites, though the word cyberspace itself seems oddly quaint these days. Set in the future, the novel follows Henry Case, a washed-up computer hackerwho is hired by the mysterious master criminal Armitage and the equally mysterious mercenary cyborg Molly Millions for one last job: This is definitely in a different league and a much better book.


Corto was a member of “Operation Screaming Fist,” which planned on infiltrating and disrupting Soviet computer systems from ultralight aircraft dropped over Russia. Heinlein Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury Reading it feels a lot like listening to a classic opera: Just another hustler, trying to make it through. Yeah, I could talk about that.

Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1) by William Gibson

Literary Review of Canada. Increased dependance on technology, increased detachment among individuals and a blurring of lines between nations. On its release, Neuromancer won the “big three” for science fiction: I was persuaded t This book should be so covered in shiny, spangly stars to indicate all the sci-fi awards it has received that the cover should look like the milky way and possibly be shinier and brighter than the sun.

He has been right about a great deal, but mainly about the shape of the internet and how it filters down to the lowest strata of society.


neuromqnte I think it’s my mood. Five is something that changes your life after you read it. The cyberpunk science fiction film The Matrix particularly draws from Neuromancer both eponym and usage of the term “matrix”.

As if to say “Oh, yeah did I mention his hands were chainsaws? The poison in Case’s bloodstream is washed out, and he, Molly, and Maelcum are profusely paid for their efforts, while Pauley’s ROM construct is apparently erased, at his own request. The imprint of the six, yes six! If the whole indeed winds up greater than its component parts, those parts have been highly imitated since Neuromancer was originally published, while the whole is of that singularly-perched transitional perfection that has rarely been realized since, including in subsequent works by Gibson himself.


The drug hit him like an express train, a white-hot column of light mounting his spine from the region of his prostate, illuminating the sutures of his skull with x-rays of short-circuited sexual energy. Dick, an observer who does not skip ahead to a distant dystopian rebirth, but instead chronicles the ugly fall itself. The password must be spoken into an ornate computer terminal located in Villa Straylight, nfuromante entered simultaneously as Case pierces the software barriers in cyberspace—otherwise the Turing lock will remain intact.

His teeth sang in their individual sockets like tuning forks, each one pitch-perfect and clear as ethanol. The book that launched the whole cyberpunk genre Citizen Kane is a decent film with a decent story, but is hardly a stunning, blow the mind away movie, in any sense.

I found the portrayal of ‘arch villain’ Peter Riviera particularly chilling. Scanning old recorded transmissions from the s, the super-AI finds an AI transmitting from the Alpha Centauri star system. If it wasn’t for his serious drug addiction, I would be ga-ga over this man. In FinlandYle Radioteatteri produced neuroomante 4-part radio play of Neuromancer. I personally think it would have been a disaster and sometimes I really am grateful when a male author decides to stick with what he knows.

Some terms are never explained and the onus is placed on the reader to figure out exactly what has taken place. Though Gibson may not be as radical as Dick, or as original as Bradbury, there is something in his words, his stories, and his ‘coolness factor’ that keep bringing me back.

The prose style is economical, but filmic.