As to the book itself, the Glass Walker Tribebook for anyone who runs Werewolf the Apocalypse and has them in their party, it’s an invaluable tool. It’s written very . “And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.” Source : Core book revised / 20th Anniversary Edition / Glass Walker Tribebook. For Glass Walker Gifts of all ranks, see All Glass Walker Gifts. Rank 1 Glass Walker Gift (Boli Zouhisze). The Boli Source: Glass Walker Tribebook (revised) .

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This Gift is taught by plant spirits. Werewolf Dice Roller How many dice do you want to Roll: The living Garou must be of the same tribe as the ancestor who is called a Glass Walker cannot make a Bone Gnawer summon a Silver Fang ancestor. This Gift is taught by only one spirit, who lives at the foot of Bull Mountain and cries eternally.

Glasewalker Farmer The Garou can cause plants to take root and grow in places where it is usually impossible for plants to grow.

Duration 5 minutes 10 minutes One scene One story Permanent.


This last element can be used to directly damage opponents that the Glass Walker can either touch, or who are touching a conductive material such as metal or water.

The Garou can summon a Net-Spider, a Weaver spirit that gives its summoner near-absolute control over any computer system.


View shipping rates and policies Average Customer Review: With this Gift, the Glass Walker can see through the eyes of a glass spirit in a skyscraper window to pick out their prey from above. We’ve already been saving your edits, so if you upgrade now you will have glasswalksr access to your previous versions. The player rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7.

All Rank 1 Glass Walker Gifts | Werewolf: the Apocalypse – Wyrmfoe

If it still stands, the Corporate Wolf may continue to attack. The City Father or a glass-spirit teaches this Gift. The player makes a Gnosis roll difficulty 6. High Pitch Transmitter Level 1, Gnosis 2 The ear of a wolf can hear sounds much, much higher than that of a human being. Focusing in on their own being, the Glass Walker wraps his own spirit with those of steel, turning his fur into hardened metal. The obscurity and relative age of the language determines the difficulty.

As the computer gained importance, this Gift gained a whole new utility. The player spends a number of Rage ttribebook.

All Glass Walker Gifts | Werewolf: the Apocalypse – Wyrmfoe

An electricity elemental teaches this Gift. Each success can change one coin or note into another denomination. The Pattern Spider then finds the receiver and uses any communications technology near them to deliver the message; Telephones yell it out, without picking up the handsetelectronic billboards display it, computer printers print it out as text.

A bear- or unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift.


Werewolf Tribebook Glasswalkers

Metal or Earth elementals teach this Gift. The City Father or a glass-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou can call upon the past lives of other Garou to return a favor owed to the Glass Walker tribe, even if the debt was made centuries ago. Even the simplest of shaped objects will refuse to perform its function. Order of Our Merciful Mother Black Furies The Garou is able to heal the wounds of any living creature, aggravated or otherwise, simply by laying hands over the afflicted area.

By studying both his natural senses and the sensory capabilities of machines, the Garou may exchange the former for the latter. Wyrmfoe Werewolf the Apocalypse information source. Finally i, if it has been owned for over a year, only a single success is necessary. How many dice do you want to Roll: As with stepping sideways, three successes are needed to transmit instantly.

She must first dial the number of where she wishes to arrive and someone must answer. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The Garou safeguards one machine against natural rribebook or adverse weather for one day per success.