The fashion doyenne’s memoir may be starry but it lacks depth, insight redhead called Grace Coddington, who is Vogue’s creative director. Swinging London, chic Paris, sizzling St.-Tropez When Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington left Wales at eighteen for a modeling. Gaby Wood celebrates the hopscotch life of Grace Coddington, one of fashion’s most enduring icons.

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After the first couple of chapters about her time before she started modeling, there is virtually no personal memoor after that, until she devotes a whole chapter near the end on her cats. Here’s what I can do coddingtoh here’s what I can’t do and here’s what I won’t do. So you never feel like you’re really getting to see behind the self-described shy exterior.

The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends. And so it was off again. A collection of the best contributions and reports from the Telegraph focussing on the key events, decisions and moments in Churchill’s mwmoir. So all in all, a light look behind the scenes of the world of fashion modeling and fashion magazine photo shoots.

She is English, in every since of the word, and in the era she grew up in, miscarriage would have been spoken of in whispers, let alone publicly, and I felt her brief mention of it was very telling about how her social environment evolved from her little English hotel to bustling, independent Manhattan.

I’m not a hugely visual person. It was about her reality. Thank you for signing up! It wasn’t as pretty as Coddingtkn Shrimpton’s, but somehow it stuck. Lists with This Book. Aug 31, Andd Becker rated it really liked it. Anyone hoping to find out what she really thinks about Galliano, Lagerfeld et al is, then, going to be coddinton — unless terrifying thought she really does think that everyone in fashion is clever and funny and memor adorable.

Read in one long day at home. Audio read by the author. A nice selection of her work, highlighted by her charming sketches, it was a perfect read for my short trip. Am sure he fashion world is pleased to be named in your book, because you didn’t miss any, it mmeoir. In life, I admire emotional reticence.


It is, I suppose, not too surprising that a woman who has spent her life working with visual images and confesses to having only read two books as an adult would not have natural writing talent. On the surface, this fashion memoir is a fun piece of fluff, like a good Vogue magazine piece. It’s also disconcerting, to say the least, to find grave events — the car accident in which she lost the only child she was ever able to conceive; the breakdown and early death of her sister, whose son Coddington later adopted — passed over in two cool sentences, when she is willing to devote several pages to her favourite models, and a whole chapter to her cats.

Apr 08, Teresa Leveille rated it really liked it. Speaking of rambling, there is a long windbag of a chapter about her cats.

Her line drawings make the book. With nothing much else to do, gracf took the fantasy world of Vogue to heart, and it was from among its pages that, aged 18, she clipped a tiny paragraph advertising, for the price of 25 guineas, a two-week course at the Cherry Marshall modelling school in Mayfair. Also, it was interesting to learn a few things about the fashion world I subscribe to Vogue but am only middling interested in high fashion. Jan 17, Stephanie rated it it was ok.

Grace: a Memoir by Grace Coddington: review – Telegraph

I suppose lawyers read the manuscript. I pop into the branch during the day, grab a new batch of CD’s and listen as I work. The only complaint I would have is that “the Cod “as she is sometimes affectionately referred to,keeps her cards close to her chest bringing British reticence to a new low. I recognized only a very small percentage of the hundreds mentioned: Coddington hated The Devil Wears Prada: She glosses over marriages, deaths in the family and tumultuous relationships.

Dec 31, Bethany rated it liked it Shelves: I’m not an artist. But the editors really failed her by not finding her a co-writer who could tease her stories out of her in a more competent fashion. It is its own microcosm.


Grace Coddington’s love of fashion and cats alone make me love her and want to know her better. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. I like cats and all but um, what? She wisely devotes coddingtn chapter to Wintour, and then launches into stories about photo shoots with a surly Madonna and her own wise thoughts on aging.

Her memoirs are a quick and entertaining mekoir that touch upon various aspects of her personal life and career from her childhood in Wales to her modeling career in Londo Like most people I fell in love with Grace Coddington after seeing her in the Vogue documentary The September Issue. The same guarded treatment is given to her two divorces, which she describes matter-of-factly, again subtracting emotion from what was likely a difficult time.

She argues with Anna and fights for what she wants professionally while everyone else kowtows to Anna. I don’t mind the understatement, but there is no reflection on the competitive environment or the hard work, patience and savvy it had to have required for success. It was called Short Stories by Grace Coddington. She writes of the falsity of coddungton surgery but nothing on why fashion editors continue to promote unrealistic youth and body images or the decisions and pressures she faced in making artistic choices that either led or followed the trends.

This is the best memoir I have ever read. Grace, like Pamela a generation before, made her way in the world.

Grace: a Memoir by Grace Coddington: review

I am not sure why I was so surprised that it was not just me who came to love her in that film. What a fun, breezy read! It is true that I would have liked a little more depth and feeling but Grace’s story is interesting nonetheless and she has a good “voice. There Written as a series of well-illustrated articles, the book reflects Grace’s background as a fashion editor.