Another GRAMPS database (having the grdb file extension), There is no risk of information loss when import or exporting to these formats. GRAMPS database. This command will attempt to export your database as a GEDCOM file: gramps — open=”My Family Tree” –output= GEDCOM Export Option. I would like to export my genealogy collection in a GEDCOM format. In this export, I do not want living individual’s.

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Can I filter photos and documents in the Gedcom export?

That note appears elsewhere in the data, in a tuple as expected. In reply to this post by Jeff Silver.

In reply to this post by Expoft Johnson. Hi Dave, I know the filter you mention, but my problem is that I want to filter records linked to the selected person. Thanks for the clarification. Search everywhere only in this topic. For Windows this will be in the “C: And then delete them. Free forum by Nabble.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That enabled me to do a successful export, and the corresponding import of that file cleaned up outstanding references to 3 notes that had got corrupted in the database.

GRAMPS – User – Can I filter photos and documents in the Gedcom export?

Unfortunately there are no media filters that apply to exports. Dave Scheipers ; gramps-users Subject: Error exporting your Family Tree Traceback most recent call last: Free forum by Nabble.

New place hierarchies model. I hacked in a diagnostic print and found that the record that note. I have a Gramps database in which I have recorded all my family and the family of my wife.

Is there some way I can remove that record directly from the database? Thanks to all contributors. Screenshot of Gramps v.

This will only work if as part of the export filter it is set to exclude private items. Still, I find it hard to build Places tree. In reply to this post by Ron Johnson Hi Ron, I tag all my media, and I would like a filter in the export that only includes media with a certain tag. Free forum by Nabble. If you are would like to fix your installation, you can download the fixed file from https: Ran out of input. On Sat, Dec 2, at 8: And lastly export that finished tree as desired. There was a problem that sounds similar see ckeckmediasourceref at line Saturday, December 2, 2: By working in the copied data in the new temporary tree you can delete without concerns of losing anything important.


Python 3 support only Python 2 support dropped. And when you are finished, you can delete the temporary tree.

GRAMPS – User – GEDCOM Export Option

A bug had slipped into alpha3 that prevented the display of the Gedcom export options has since been fixed. I don’t recall ever having this problem with any version of Gramps that I’ve ever used and I know 4. Plugin system called “Gramplets”.