A mixture of science fiction and folktale, past and future, primitive and present- day Thunderous and touching.” –Financial Times. The extraordinary literary debut of Salman Rushdie. Flapping Eagle is a young Axona Indian gifted with immortal life after drinking an elixir from his wayward. Praise for Salman Rushdie’s Grimus “A fireworks of a book: beautiful, funny, and endlessly surprising.” —Ursula K. Le Guin “A mixture of science fiction and.

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Do you deny that allowing you to wander the world for centuries instead of bringing you here I made you the man that you are, chameleon, adaptable, confused?

I know this is a book I will continue thinking about for the next several weeks. Passivity to received dogma is not seen as a desirable or responsible intellectual characteristic.

So what is Grimus about? I guess everyone has to start somewhere, right? His style is often classified as magical realism, while a dominant theme of his work is the story of the many connections, disruptions and migrations between the Eastern and Western world. Grimus tells the story of Flapping Eagle, a Native American outcast who becomes immortal after drinking some magical liquor.

Additionally, there is the character of Grimus, who seems to be the only one who knows how Flapping Eagle could eventually die.

It is unexpected because the change is too sudden for the character. But sometimes, all that imagination can go absolutely nowhere.

In light of this, we can see Rushdie as having produced what Linda Hutcheon terms a ‘histiographic novel. The most remarkable thing about Grimus? It is interesting only because Rushdie plays around with the magical realism that will play a major part in his brimus and touches on themes he will later explore in much greater depth.


It was his literary debut.

Vacuous intellectual masturbation at its worst. But that first couple of pages nearly stopped me before I’d really begun.

Jul 02, Agnieszka rated it really liked it. The beginning of the story was intriguing albeit bizarrebut pretty soon things started to seem more like someone’s bad LSD trip, and then it got progressively worse.

Grimus Reader’s Guide

There are so many themes at play in this allegorical tale that I cant even wrap my mind around quite yet. For some who think his fame is owed more to his life events than writing, this should give them pause for thought. grimuz

It was not well received but it isn’t hard to read. The burden of immortalitywith which the protagonist grapples throughout the novel, sheds light on the absurdity of our daily neccessary denial of our own mortality.

Flapping Eagle has the gift of immortality which really is not something he desires but it makes it possible for him to make it to Calf. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You don’t really know which parts are significant and which are insignificant and which are just there. And, truth be told, literary fiction as read voluntarily is kind of a new engagement for me though my initial choice to try Grimus as opposed to, say, Midnight’s Children was based on the fact that Grimus is marketed as science fiction, the sort of genre book I gravitate toward.


I’m giving it two stars solely for the writing and the ideas, ’cause everything else about this book is cringe-worthy. So mostly worth reading if you’re a fan of Rushdie to see how his writing developed, but it doesn’t really stand up to his later work either in plot or in the writing.

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Grimus by Salman Rushdie | : Books

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I guess it is a good thing that this novel was written, because who knows, without this novel, Rushdie might not have had the chance to perfect his art, and his later masterpieces might not have been written.

Faced with death threats and a fatwa religious edict rusydie by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, then Supreme Leader of Iran, which called for him to be killed, he spent nearly a decade largely underground, appearing in public only sporadically.

Asinine dushdie, drab characters and Rushdie’s imagination run amok. There are flaws in the book I think he tries to pack too much in the book to the point that the story line becomes convoluted at timesbut interspersed with the moments of nonsense there were some real gems.

So when Flapping Eagle shows no such inclination to escape conformity he is much more inclined to embrace it where-ever sqlman can find it the ground beneath the reader begins to shake.