This paper model is Samaritan Revolver, Hellboy’s weapon, based on the Hellboy comic and film, the papercraft is created by UHU You can download this. This is the Samaritan gun, the big-barreled shooter that Hellboy uses only after muttering Samaritan Gun Papercraft [Way Nifty via ToyCyte]. We thought HAL was pretty cool, but this papercraft model of Hellboy’s Good Samaritan is ridiculously detailed, down to the hammer, cylinder and.

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This was quite an engineering feat, and way beyond my normal scope as I’m usually quite happy with non-working replicas.

Find all posts by Plastic Bonsai. This all fell in a heap of course when I discovered my barrel wouldn’t fit. The archway in which this was glues was skinned over completly with two layers of well glued card to give a secure anchorage.

Now, I mentioned earlier that large quantities of superglue are required for this type of construction. I’ve stippled on a layer a gunmetal colour mixed with Citadel Chaos Black and Boltgun metal.


I remember laughing at afternoon cartoons whenever a cartoon bomb would blow up in an animated characters face…. I use a auto primer matt black which dries satin, for some odd reason because it dries much tougher and more durable than a cheap generic spraycan.

The next part worries me a bit, as its supposed to support the locking mechanism at the rear. You can download the pieces from the link. I’m about as far as I can go until the weather clears up a bit.


I have used a small quantity of plastic tubing for this job, as sometimes you just have to use the right material to make something work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cardmodel turned into something so fantasticly detailed and so apparently real!

The whole lower section of the frame right to the back near the handle is pretty much solid laminated cardboard. A short hand-drawn animation created in Adobe Flash and After Effects about one mans reflection on his life. So I’ve added extra rings in the middle, and gone with simple tubes at the front, and horseshoe shapes in the top, but this leaves me with a seam accross the middle of the chambers that the “proper” design wouldn’t.

Samaritan-Gun Hellboy Revolver Papercraft

What was the final superglue count? I noticed watching the movie the other night that there’s a large screw there, so I’ll be going down that route. I use an auto body primer, beause it dries enough to work with very quickly. The techniques used in this thread ore not traditional card modelling techniques, but rather show how I build a card model using the design as basis for a much stronger and hopefully more realistic version.

I like big guns. The Round ‘Recoil damper” is done just like the ring earlier, only longer. D I’m in law enforcement, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say that thing was the real article!

The kit comes with a printed liner, but of course I wanted proper rifling, so I cut some thin card into strips an applied the to the printed part.

This will make it more difficult to roll up, but take your time and all be okay. I mean, who takes the time to create gun replicas out of paper? Find all posts by Zathros.


The BPRD logos were picked out in a dirty silver colour ; and highlighted and shaded a bit for a bit extra life ; This method gives an amazingly strong component, much stronger than an equivelent plastic part. A trick for cutting such heavy laminations is to cut one layer at a time, stick it to the next layer and use it as a template to cut the next layer.

I could never never really get that crane to look like a crane. I’ve carved the grips from balsa again, as I did with the Colt Navy, and as you can see from the pictures, I made a bit of a mistake and had to add a bit of extra material to the front ‘cos I took a bit too much off. Second, a bit of a bulge at the rear of the recoil compensator tube. Anyways, this goes a little bit beyond cranes and hearts.

I was never really great at papercrafts. I’m still not sure it’ll be strong enough, but time will tell. The barrel with the rifling takes the cake! It is really fantastic. The thing you want to acheive when painting a model this size, is not to have the whole thing just one colour. Page 1 of 4. A superglue accelerator is also usful, but not hugely important.

Finally, a glaze a semi-transparent mix of matt varnish, black and blue paint was slopped on and wipped away untill I was happy with the overall tone.