Hojyo Takashi – Violinist (Origami).pdf – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. looooooooooooooooove this model. folded from a 60×60 cm square. Violinist – Hojyo Takashi. Done. jiem, Ricardo Elias Abdon, and Steve Phillips faved This photo is in 1 album. Hojyo Takashi 7 items. Tags.

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Every time I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do, mainly because of the low quality of the scans blurring where the valley and mountain folds are. I wanted to know if this open sink should also be done to the portion on the other side of the paper behind which corresponds to this fold. But since i am a violist i couldn’t wait to fold this great model.

That’s why I was so turned around. The diagram of the violinist in Tanteidan Convention Book 1 is probably not the one that emberjelly is looking for. Hojyo Takashi – Violinist Need help with folding a model?

Hojyo Takashi – Violinist Need help with folding a model? I always end up with something that only seems half-way right after half an hour of fiddling with it.

origami violinist hojyo takashi

I tried uploading all of the images here, but i did it in the wrong way. There are 11 types of people in the world: I glad they helped.

I really wish I had bought the “World of Super Complex Origami” book while I was in Japan, I had it in my hands one day and now I’m kicking myself everyday for not picking it up. Board index All times are UTC. I already made the base.


Start by inverting the convex points along that ridge. How do i shape this to base? The crazy thing is, is I’ve been searching for both of those patterns for a year now, while looking for one, I got the other. Then you should be able to collapse it.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for how to better work a couple of the areas. Board index All times are UTC. I’ve worked about hrs only for this. One Problem, I’m working with a cp, and I don’t know which flap goes where. So instead of going through everything all over again, here is the link to my flickr account.

If you still need them I’ll upload them later today. I only folded in an a4 paper and make it square. The rest is confusing me. I really hope for any video or step by step picture to do those steps I fell in love with that model ever since I saw this: Actually i have a problem, i started to fold the cp from the tanteidan magazin 79, but i cant read Japanese and i cant anderstand where is the head the hands the violin and etc.

Hi, I am at Step where the model says ‘open sink’ At the time, Hljyo thought this model to be beyond me. For more information go here http: I am kinda new in the forum and with Crease pattern folding as well. Here is a photo of my very first completed attempt on the model sorry for the terrible photo: I accidentally got the the wrong cp.

Violinist – Hojyo Takashi | Karol Kafarski | Flickr

I don’t understand what I should do on that step. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Paperz. The magazine is great featuring articles about different artists and has diagrams for some complex models sometimes Satoshi Also every issue has a crease pattern challenge in the back as well as upcoming events.


However, I really want it to be perfect, as I intend for it to be a Christmas gift for someone special. Anyway, the origami database shows only those ones that I told on my previous post.

It ended up being Gabriel 3, the angel. I would love to see the pictures of both versions and, of course, compare them. Well, I got the magazine so I could do me in it. May the shwartz be with you!

I do really need your favor. Any way, wish I could send pics. Next time I definitely won’t make the same mistake. Any one can help me please? Hojho who don’t understand binary code, people who DO understand binary code, and then there’s people who understand binary code but don’t know they do. It also has a modular section aswell.

The violinist steps are in their own set with descriptions of what is going on.

Violinist Hojyo Takashi | Gilad’s Origami Page

The diagram to the violinist below was sent to JAOS members sometime in the past. Barak Im kinda stuck right now, i cant figure it out. Also, you can refer to this post: