Hyam Maccoby. The Myth-Maker, Paul and the Invention of Christianity Maccoby concludes that Paul cannot have been a Pharisee, that his claims are. circles (the later successors of the Nazarenes) from the second to the fourth centuries. * Hyam Maccoby. The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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After all, in later generations the term “angels” was applied by Gnostics with the meaning “the God of the Old Testament,” or Yahweh. James the brother of Jesus was executed because of his resistance to the Romans Immediately following his baptism, Jesus goes off into the jaccoby to fast, and, according to Mark, “to be tempted of the devil.

However, it’s jaccoby to take seriously the charge that Paul “sought fame by founding a new religion” because he “was disappointed in his hopes of advancement. You should appreciate this book like you would appreciate the work Freud – not for its claims of holding truth, but for the sake of the argument and the author’s inventiveness and erudition. Paul came to present Jesus as a dying and rising saviour deity similar to those from the Hellenistic mystery cults, fused with the historical pedigree of Judaism, thus giving birth to a powerful new myth whose preaching gained him a large following.

Overall, this book seems to lack scholarly attributes, though raises important questions I would like to see handled by a more qualified researcher.

Hyam Maccoby Mostly Right About Apostle Paul

That man ate of the fruit of this tree clearly implies that man’s “knowledge of good and evil” is beyond God’s direct control, for men “become as gods in knowing good and evil. Their fellowship continued to exist in Jerusalemas a strictly orthodox Jewish sect under the leadership of James the Just.

When arguments do appear in the book, they generally take the form of assertions” p “As such it is but the mirror image of traditional Christian apologetic treatments of Paul, couched in a polemic against the Pharisees.

As detail after detail of his interpretation falls into place, the thesis that emerges is overpowering in its scope and coherence. Very thought-provoking, paradym-changing book. Sin can be given a broader definition than simple disobedience of God: It is a very well-written and accessible book – Maccoby specifically states in the text that he wrote it for the layman and that he planned a more scholarly work subsequent to this one, which I plan to seek out.


I do not know who wrote this and have been unable to trace it. How can a man both lie and tell the truth at the same time? And that’s the basics; here are a few other Maccoby miscues to consider: This book helps me better understand the underpinnings of the Christian church and the dominance of the Apostle Paul in creation of Christian dogma.

Christian anti-Semitism was thus not merely an unfortunate by-product of the New Testament, but an essential part of its purpose.

Likewise, patching an old garment with new fabric damages the garment still more. The w I found this book by Hyam Maccoby very interesting.

Hyam Maccoby

Unfortunately for Jesus, his calculations about himself and God’s performance of a miracle were wrong, macoby the Romans crucified him as a rebel. Paul and the Invention of Christianity was an interest in seeing how Christianity is viewed by an academic from another religion–in this case, a Jewish Talmudic scholar, Hyam Maccoby.

Maccoby argued that the real Jesus was not a rebel against the Jewish lawbut instead a Jewish Messianic claimant whose life and teaching were within the mytymaker of first-century Judaism. The story in Acts of the conversion of Cornelius is merely a conspiracy to cover up differences between the Pauline and Petrine factions.

Yeah, right guy, at the right place, at the right time, fomenting a con that desperate, uninformed, paranoid and fearful people buy, even today, and victimize [their children] others with. Nov 30, Wolf rated it really liked it. Later Maccoby reworks the story of the disciples picking grain in the field [41] to suppose that Jesus was actually in flight from Herod and the Romans and justified the picking of corn on an emergency basis – this, done to make Jesus in perfect agreement with Pharisee law.

Hyman Maccoby, a critique

The play has been widely performed, and was broadcast by Channel 4 starring Mhthmaker Lee and Toyah Willcox. Maccoby focused his work on tracing the roots of anti-Semitism back to an early-Christian origin, and on dissociating Christianity from a truly Jewish background. I doubt if anyone understands the complicated apostle Paul; however, this book opened my eyes to a number of interesting possibilities.

Jan 28, Matt rated it really liked it. Scholars would recognize the truth of Maccoby’s case if only they weren’t so biased and tendentious. He is deceptive, calling himself something he is not.


In retirement he moved to Leedswhere he held an academic position at the Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Leeds. However, he did not claim that Jesus was the leader of an actual armed rebellion. This is wrong however we look at it: Or that he would emulate apostlolic behavior like extreme humility in his letters even though he was nothing like it in fact?

The is no debate, excepting, of course, biblical inerrancists who stand outside of any scholarly pale, that Christianity as we think of it bears little resemblance to what Jesus and his brothers and the later Ebionites believed. Thus for Maccoby Paul was a tormented, confused, vindictive Gentile who lied about his Pharisaism and left a legacy of anti-Semitism. He is not trying to make anyone or anything “correspond” with wife or husband; he is merely establishing a basic principle of contract, that death releases one from even the most sacred of contracts.

For the most part I felt Hyam came to very logical conclusions and supported his positions well. I doubt if anyone understands the complicated apostle Paul; however, thi The author, a Jew and Talmudic scholar, gives an impressive show of imaginative scholarship in his account of Paul as a man of tremendous religious imagination himself having invented ‘Christianity.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. So what was wrong with being “in Adam? Well, if they were, there ought to be evidence of it. When it comes to asserting the Jewishness of Jesus, he stands on firm ground alongside most contemporary scholars. Perhaps he w The Mythmaker is a profound book.

Hyam Maccoby – Wikipedia

His work will probably strengthen the belief that Jesus was to some extent an anti-Roman hyzm revolutionary, Paul a Hellenistic interloper.

And now I wonder if Paul were living in this era: Other topics of Maccoby’s scholarship include the Talmudic tradition and the history of the Jewish religion. Here also Maccoby selects from Acts that which suits his case, and discards the rest: Katz Macckby Holocaust in Historical Context: Elegantly argued, this should ruffle feathers for years to come.