Hydraform Building technology replaces the conventional brick and mortar in masonry, however basics of the conventional building system remain largely. Hydraform Building Systems. Best practice specifications for building single storey residential housing using mm w ide Hydraform interlocking dry stacked . Curing Hydraform Blocks. Wherever cement is used, it is vitally important that it should be properly ‘cured’ (kept wet). Cement needs water to gain strength (to.

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Please contact us via your preferred communication. Low machine maintenance costs.

The blocks interlock top to bottom and front to back. How To Check Wear Plates Hydraform Building Systems Best practice specifications for building single storey residential housing using mm wide Hydraform interlocking dry stacked soil cement blocks. Known as the Kibada project, it was the first green housing project undertaken in Tanzania.

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Guide to Soil Selection Guide to produce blocks A 7 man team can produce blocks per day if the following procedure is followed. We would like to hear from you. In the unlikely event we have not contacted you within 48hrs, please contact Mrs Nazlie Dickson marketing hydraform. Please contact us via your preferred communication.


Interlocking Building System | Hydraform | Hydraform Asia

Since its formation, NHC has hydrafofm on more than 5 units of affordable housing projects all over the country. The reference project in Dar es Salaam syystem the construction of houses using the Hydraform Building System. NHC had procured 15 Hydraform blockmaking machines for these projects, each of which can produce 2 blocks per day, translating to enough blocks to build a single 85m2 house every week.

Once blocks are manufactured it buikding “wet cured” for a period of 14—21 days to reach desired strength. Interlocking Block making using Hydraform hydraulic block making machines. Construction of houses, schools, clinics, churches and community centres are quick, simple and cost effective. How To Check Wear Plates. Maintaining right quantity of usage of cement in block mix not only produces good quality blocks but also savings on cost.

Technical Hydrafirm Block Length Consistency in mixing and moisture is the key to good quality block. Cement needs water to gain strength to hydrate. Attached sheet guides on maintaining moisture and block length Block Length Cement Content Per Block Maintaining right quantity of usage of cement in block mix not only produces good quality blocks but also savings on cost.

Local Delivery – Hydraform machines are mobile for onsite block production and reducing transport. But the Kibada project in Dar es Salaam remains the flagship, having being extended into Mwongozo, where houses hydraflrm currently being built to standards prescribed by the NHC.


Hydraform Building system involves using two technologies:.

Hydraform International

Click here to read more. Soil-based building materials Masonry. Guide to Produce blocks House Plans plus Approximate Hydrafom of Blocks House Plans plus approx no blocks How to check if the wear plates are worn on your machine Measure the shoulder of the block not the centre.

Hydrafofm our monthly newsletter. This article needs additional citations for verification. Skills Transfer Local communities will be trained in Hydraform block production and construction. Please note our office hours are Monday to Thursday One of our consultants will contact you within 48 hours excluding Saturdays and Sundays to understand your requirements.

Importantly, every project has the mandate of developing skills to provide maintenance and building services to the community after the project is completed.

Bogopane-Zulu challenged Ratlou hydrzform Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Mobile machines enable you to make blocks where you need them.

The inventor of the current Hydraform concept which has been in use since the year Mr. New wear plates give a block height of to mm. Worn wear plates will be around to mm or more. Contact Us We would like to hear from you. Faster and Sysfem construction.