Ring of the Dove: Ibn Ḥazm: Literary activities: One delightful example is The Ring of the Dove (Ṭawq al-ḥamāmah), on the art of love. Probably best known for. A Bird after Love: Ibn’ Hazm’s. The Ring of the Dove (Tawq al- Hamāmah) and the Roots of Courtly Love. Nazan Yıldız. Hacettepe University. Ibn Hazm paints a gorgeous picture, for example, of how our souls all come from the same great whole, which is shattered into pieces. When we meet someone.

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The minister who had charged himself with conveying Plato’s words to the monarch exclaimed, ” O king, it has now become evident to you inb he is innocent; what more lies between you and him? What is one to think of the sick man who desires not to be rid of his sickness?

There is another variety of verbal allusion, which is only to be brought into play when an accord has been reached, and the lover knows that his sentiments are reciprocated.

I also know a man whose first attachment was with a girl inclined to be petite; he never fell in love with a tall woman after that. For all that the subtle secret will out.

Sleeplessness too is a common affliction of lovers; the poets have described this condition frequently, relating how they watch the stars, and giving an account of the night’s interminable length. I do not think that the prose parts of this version need too much apology; but something ought certainly to be said on behalf of the pieces dovf metre and rhyme.

And now dark clouds o’erspread the And hide the starlight from my eyes, Concealing from my anxious gaze The comfort of their fitful blaze. This is what you see when you look into a mirror; in that situation you are as it were looking at yourself through the eyes of another. Now the men of whom I have been speaking are by no means under-endowed knowledge and culture; on the contrary they are men of the keenest perception, truly worthy to be described as intelligent and understanding.

Huma Rashid’s review of The Ring Of The Dove: A Treatise On The Art And Practice Of Arab Love

Movement always takes place from the side of the more powerful. This is decreed by God’s omnipotent power, in a manner that baffles entirely the human imagination. After this comes a chapter on Those who have fallen in Love while Asleep; then a chapter on Those who have fallen in Love through a Description; next a chapter on Those who have fallen in Love at First Sight; a chapter on Those whose Love has only become True after Long Association; a chapter on Allusion by Words; a chapter on Hinting with the Eyes; a chapter on Correspondence; and lastly of these first ten a chapter on the Messenger.


The next fourteen years were chaotic in the extreme, as Umaiyad and Hammudid pretenders struggled for possession of the precarious throne. Do not take it amiss, my friend, or whoever else may happen to see this volume, that I am here following the fashion of those who always quote themselves in their stories; such is the way of men who affect the writing of poetry.

THE Arabs carrying Islam westwards to the Atlantic Ocean first set foot on Spanish soil during July the leader of the raid, which was to prove the forerunner of long Moslem occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, was named Tarif, and the promontory on which he landed commemorates his exploit by being called to this day Tarifa. This fondness I profess for thee Is pure, and in my heart I bear True love’s inscription plain to see, And all its tale is written there.

A friend of mine asked him once how he explained his success; in a detailed reply he ascribed it to his unusual dexterity in lovemaking.

This condition must definitely obtain, even if only to a small degree; the more numerous the resemblances, the greater will be their congeneity and the firmer their affection. Love is neither disapproved by Religion, nor prohibited by the Law; for every heart is in God’s hands.

Of these the first is the brooding gaze: Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. He was a brother, whom I gained By meeting, and thereby obtained A truly noble treasure; His friendship was not wished by me, And I supposed his company Would yield me little pleasure But he, who was my erstwhile foe, Became my friend, he, whom I so Abhorred, my heart’s sweet rapture; And having ever sought to fly From meeting him, thereafter I Sought ever him to capture.

Others are dry-eyed and barren of tears; to this category I myself belong. We have also placed each pair of opposites side by side; as a result, the proper sequence has been departed from in a few chapters.

As for watering the ink of the love-letter with one’s tears, I know of a man who did this regularly, and his beloved repaid him by watering the ink of her missives with her saliva. Let me thy ransom be!


Either they will quote a verse of poetry, or despatch an allegory, or rhyme a riddle, or propose an enigma, or use heightened language.

I have written a poem on this topic, from which the following may be quoted. The man who claims a dual love Is thus, as these examples prove, A doubtful follower of Love’s laws, A traitor to Religion’s cause.

Do you know who she is? Women too are frequently used, especially those who hobble along on sticks, and carry rosaries, dovf are wrapped up in a pair of red cloaks.

So I am alike in consolation and in passion; I have never in my life forgotten any romance, and my nostalgia for every former attachment is such that I well nigh choke when I drink, and suffocate when I eat.

That is a point beyond which it is impossible for anyone to go; neither prosody nor the structure of words will tolerate more than five comparisons in the same stanza.

She sat there privily with me, And wine besides, to make us three, While night profound o’ershadowing Stretched out its long and stealthy wing. As for the Chapter on Separation, its true opposite would be contiguity of dwellings; but contiguity is not one of the themes of Love, which we are at present engaged in discussing.

Ring of the Dove

But to admire beauty, and to be mastered by love that is a natural thing, and comes not within the range of Divine commandment and prohibition; all hearts are in God’s hands, to dispose them what way He will, and all that is required of them is that they should know and consider the difference between right and wrong, and believe firmly what is true. I have a poem on this subject, and will quote an extract.

I have hqzm this point in the verses, which follow. Take two large mirrors, and hold one of them in your right hand, behind your head, and the other in your left hand, in front of your face; then turn the one or the other obliquely, so that the two meet confronting each other.