Casa di bambola has ratings and reviews. Huda said: تعبت الدميةتعبت من الخيوط تحرك رأسها وذراعيهاوتجبر قدميها على السير في طريق لا تبتغيه. Listen to Casa di bambola Audiobook by Henrik Ibsen, narrated by Claudia Giannelli, Teresa Ciampolini. Results 1 – 30 of 72 Casa di bambola. by Henrik Ibsen and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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This play, to me, is Ibsen’s voice which is raised to the world to say that it is time that women are to be looked as individuals, as humans with feelings, and as an important part of a society, especially in a family; it is time that they should be respected as equals; and that they should not be viewed mere possessions to keep and treat as the men fancy.

We shouldn’t discriminate against twits.

Casa di bambola [A Doll’s House]

Those cute endearments that I just mentioned were in fact demeaning terms used by Torvald to describe his little plaything which Nora had become. Nora would still be in her family and bring up her children properly. Torvald was not the person Nora thought of, she even called him a stranger. The law does not concern itself with motives.

Casa di bambola : Henrik Ibsen :

After finishing, I found myself thinking, “What was the point? April A Doll’s House. Published by Mondadori first published I first read this play many years ago as a college English major, and frankly it didn’t leave much of an impression on me at the time. What duty do you mean? They have three kids and have been married for eight years. I continue to pore over my notes. I get that this is supposed to be a feminist work but wow this isn’t the message I want to see.


Casa di bambola

To view it, click here. You can read why I came to this decision here.

Trace these references throughout the play in order to discuss Ibsen’s ideas about gender and societal roles. I wasn’t engaged at all, and I didn’t know who I was supposed to be rooting for. Nora’s “holiest” duties 45 27 Oct 23, The result is a woman who appears week and controllable, but she has kept a big, big, secret from her husband that challenges everything he thinks her to be. It’s a play, though, so maybe I’m missing the part that a person shows and they don’t know they are showing it.

Nils Krogstad, the man who lent her the money shows up on Christmas Eve and threatens to expose her secret to her husband. Nora ama Torvald e per lui ha fatto le umane cose, per salvare la sua salute e averlo ancora felice al suo fianco.

Casa di bambola [A Doll’s House] Audiobook | Henrik Ibsen |

See all 9 questions about Casa di bambola…. I can’t eat what cookies I want. Helmer has the bank manager’s position. The most literal translation would be A Doll Home. Nora has a problem since she had secretly forged a note for a loan to finance a trip to a warm climate when her husband was seriously ill. If she was unhappy with her husband, I could probably understand leaving h I had to read this play for school and I have to say that I did not like it at all. But no man can be expected to sacrifice his honour, even for the person he loves.

I feel like I got ibsrn lay of the land and there’s a part of her that she doesn’t know so I can’t know it?


As a literary work, the ending is tremendously powerful. It does make me wonder how far her words are going to carry. Victorian-era plays were expected to be moral dramas with noble protagonists pitted against darker forces; every drama was expected to result in a morally appropriate conclusion, meaning that goodness was to bring happiness, and immorality pain.

The submission of women to men is also an issue that is demon During his entire life, the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen had been a forerunner in many fields: There are fond memories of “the old days”. She babies herself too. Only bambolz star because it too her 8 years to work out what a jerk her husband was. She should have eaten them in the open.

So the fact that he called you his ‘songbird’ and implied you had a brain the size of a walnut for eight years of marriage didn’t tip you off, or anything? He forged a signature and surprisingly isn’t in jail. Marx says in The Communist Manifesto that the traditional family unit i.

I understand how Ibsen tried to motivate the women of that generation to pursue and find their ownself but the play had a irrational quick ending.

Kelly Hunter There is some debate as to the most appropriate English translation. Everyone will know she left her husband and then everything will fall into place. Another friend arrives unexpectedly. Around the Year i I was also bothered by what seemed to me to be an abrupt –and thus cass change.