His real name was not Ignazio Silone – he was born Secondino Tranquilli. Pescina was not Fontamara and Silone was not a poor peasant. Ignazio Silone,. FONTAMARA. Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A., Milano. INDICE. Cenni biografici su Ignazio Silone. Cenni critici. La fortuna di. Fontamara is one of the Italian classics of the twentieth century. It was written Its author, Ignazio Silone, was a controversial figure throughout his life. He was a .

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However he does not listen to them nor take their views into consideration because he sees them as inferior to him.

The great wealth it yields annually enriches a privileged minority of local people while the rest migrate to the capital. In the PSI split between left and right: The people the Fontamaresi are poor and fontaamra village is very remote to the extent that the citizens are unaware of world events such as the rise of Fascism. And if he’s a fool and still doesn’t understand, burn down his villa at night while he’s in bed with Donna Rosalia.

By he was living in luxury, enjoying the hospitality of a Swiss banker who had befriended him.

For one thing he was expelled from the Communist Party just at the time when many others were joining it. From the numerous and vast lands that his ancestors had collected, and from buying back assets seized by the church and monasteries at a low price that even good Christians would not dare to buy back, only a small amount of land was left.

He represented the Bank. And despite his success with Fontamaraand his second novel, Bread and Winepublished inhe was not popular with the authorities.

Ignazio Silone and Fontamara

Religious references are used to foreshadow what will come, for example Donna Clorinda prays to Saint Antonio and believes her prayers are answered when she sees Baldissera in Sulmona. The previous owners began to tremble before him. Don Circostanza is the real enemy of the people of Fontamaraeven though he is known as L’Amico del Popolo the friend of the people [12] p.


Yet Silone’s principal position as the new editor of Avanti! Berardo says “Don’t argue with the authorities. Their ignorance makes them vulnerable to exploitation.

Using the pretext of a plot to assassinate Mussolini, all opposition parties and papers were banned. I know the fatalism that dominates them and makes them into little sects with all the defects of official Communism–fanaticism, centralism and abstraction–without the characteristics and advantages which Communism derives from the presence of large numbers of workers.

When it was first published 60 years ago it was not the first book about fascism. The United States Army printed unauthorised versions of Fontamaraalong with another of Silone’s novels Bread and wineand distributed them to the Italians during the Liberation of Italy It is applied by judges, who are all townsmen, and it is interpreted by lawyers, who are all townsmen.

In an earthquake shattered central Italy.

Ignazio Silone and Fontamara

When you met them in the street in daylight, they were humble and obsequious, but at night sioone in groups they were evil, malicious, treacherous She spun and sewed and waited for her son to return. Its author, Ignazio Silone, was a controversial figure throughout his life.

This experience marked him out for the rest of his life. We are not told the name of the son and he is just referred to as the child.

Fontamara – Ignazio Silone – Google Books

He is much admired by the young people of Fontamara who are heavily influenced by his speeches and his way of thinking, and he is the heart of their vice club meetings. I have never been so certain in myself His few words of Italian, in fact, were graceful and had evidently been learned from a woman.


He arrives in Fontamara because cav. I talked to cafoni of all nationalities from Spaniards to Indians, and we understood each other as if we were at Fontamara. Literally ‘Mr Lamb’, Don Abbacchio is the corrupt priest of Fontamara and the surrounding small villages. But the trickster takes their money and doesn’t find them a job. The cafoni, as the small holding peasants are called, have lived traditional lives for centuries in which they had very little, worked for the benefit of the town folks and local authorities, but nonetheless had simple rules of how to be in the world, and while very poor, eked out lives of hard work and human satisfaction.

By that time Silone was in exile in Silobe and suffering severely from what was thought to solone TB. First he was inspired and steeled by the hopes of a new world which followed the Great War and the Russian Revolution. Such powerful drama does not spring from the imagination.

Retrieved 29 May For instance, Maria Rosa, Berardo’s mother, says Berardo’s not a bad man, but he was born under an unlucky star, poor fellow. Harvests varied day to silnoe, food was not guaranteed and wages were low. What surprises me most is the level of ignorance of the cafoni.

She is the one who manages the affairs of the cafoni. When he left, their relationship could not survive.