Ilford FP4 Plus + Ilfosol S. There are still many excellent films and developers on the market today, and hundreds of permutations of those films. Ilfosol-3 Film Developer is an enhanced, one-shot updated version of Ilford’s Ilfosol-S. It has been created to suit the needs of photographers who prefer to use . For users of Ilfosol, an eco-friendly black & white film developer from Ilford Ilfosol, and type of Ilfosol used whether Ilfosol, Ilfosol II (Ilfosol 2), Ilfosol S, or Ilfosol 3.

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Share This Page Tweet. Only room temperature, which is about 22C for now.

Ilford Ilfosol | Flickr

Your name or email address: You must log in or sign up i,fosol reply here. I prefer not to use an ilfosok stop-bath. The times are a little quicker for most films, so check the info sheet on Ilford’s site. I investigated this issue and read that Ilfosol is intended for finer-grained film. To me FP4 Plus is a compromise and we English are reputed to enjoy this arrangement.

Rated 5 out of 5 by William from Very good developer Ilvosol have read that some say this developer has a short shelf life in a partial bottle that may be, but I broke it down into several 2 oz brown glass bottles to prolong the life Date published: That is, if i use some of it as stock.


Ilfosol 3 versus Ilfosol S | Ilford Ilfosol | Flickr

Give it a go, ikfosol I think Panf50 and Ilfosol is about the nicest combination Ilford produce. It is asserted that Ilfosol 3 doesn’t have the “sudden death” failure mode of Ilfosol S. Im gonna stick with d76 for now, and leave everything else to the future. I have used it with Tmax, Tri-x, Pan-X, and several off-brand films.

Phenidone is a registered trademark of Ilford, and used alone will give an extremely low-contrast negative, as employed in the P.

In Stock Update Location close. Acutance is the observed density gradient across the edge between a dark and light area of a photographic image.

Ilford Ilfosol S

Ilfosol-S is notorious for only lasting a few weeks after you open the bottle, but the small bottles help ameliorate this. Ilfosol S is a great developer for films, but it also works great with HP5, Neopan and tri-X.

It didn’t fail quickly, but gradually when stored exactly according to Ilford’s own info. At least Ilfosol-S changes colour before it dies, thus giving you fair warning. Fast films with grain like full stops.

I have a 3. Apr 26, 9. Ilfosol-S had a reputation for failing quickly after the bottle of concentrate was opened.

Ilfosol S vs. Ilfosol 3??

I’ll keep an eye open for signs of degregation though now I know about Ilfosol-S being prone to rapid failure, taking into account what you mention John.


Today I got my first bottle of Ilfosol 3 from Ag photographic. However when I ilfoskl using Ilfosol S I am pretty sure I used to decant it into a winebag and box which prevents any air entering as you use the liquid.

It is only available in ml bottles which is enough for a dozen films at a 1: Ilfosol 3 is very different from Ilfosol S, so follow the times that come with Ilfosol 3.

Better to use just plain water at 20 degrees C for two or three minutes with constant agitation for the first 30 seconds. You must log ilfozol or sign up to reply here.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s not good for faster film or pushing film. I also think that the d76 would go bad before i manage to use it all. See any errors ilcosol this page? I am very pleased with this product. I also develop with Ilford’s DD-X and although that is more flexible I prefer the results when using Ilfosol so I ilfoaol have a bottle for when I’m using slower film.