I was looking in MagickCore::CompositeOperator but i didn’t find flatten operator. Something like backgorund i found, but how to do gray50?. That’s what “-flatten” does. It takes a sequence of images, composes them one at a time against the previous image(s), taking transparency into account. As nick said, the function Imagick::flattenImages() is deprecated. Replacing it by Imagick::mergeImageLayers(Imagick::LAYERMETHOD_FLATTEN) partially.

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I found these 2 method via Google, in this thread titled: The default is 14 point Courier. Finally, polyline and polygon require three or more coordinates to define its boundaries. But thanks a lot for the clarification. Above that you can have a fuzzy see though shadow. The default is no delay between each showing of the image sequence.

This will be explored in other IM Example Pages.


Gamma is an exponent that ranges from 0. Both the image pixels and size are linearly interpolated to give the appearance of a meta-morphosis from one image to the next. Use text to annotate an image with text. Blur with the given radius, standard deviation sigmaand angle. Compression levels range from 0 ikagemagick compression to best but slowest. And removing -flatten, gives the correct PDF rendition for all the pages.

Another way of appending images is by smushing. When used with the mogrify utility, this option will convert any image to the image format you specify. If no image is specified, the u image is used. Sign up using Email and Password. Neither the source nor the destination are used as input. To generate an all-black or all-white image with the same dimensions as the input image, you can use.


Use this option imagemaagick match colors that are close to the target color in RGB space.

imagemavick Sign up using Facebook. However, when I run the command convert Banner. To increase the size of an image, use a value greater than e.

Floodfill changes the matte value of any pixel that matches the color of the target pixel and fpatten a neighbor, whereas filltoborder changes the matte value of any neighbor pixel that is not the border color —bordercolor.

The image shares colors with other X clients. The replace method recolors any pixel that matches the color of the target imaemagick. If the image matte channel is disabled, then all pixels in the image are treated as opaque. Unfortunatly I am experiencing problems with some pdf files that contains a lot of transparent objects. If this profile is not stripped from the image, then Photoshop will continue to treat the image using its former resolution, ignoring the image resolution specified in the standard file header.

ImageMagick: Command-line Options

This is also useful for accurately converting. However, if the image delay is 40 or 50, the delay it is changed to If the green or blue value is omitted, these channels use the same value as the first one provided.

They can’t use this constant. The —unsharp option sharpens an image. The —colors or —monochrome option, or saving to a file format which requires color reduction, is required for this option to take effect. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


If the x and y offsets are omitted, a set of tiles of the specified geometry, covering the entire input image, is generated. The usage of -flatten was not clear from the wiki, as I am a newbie. Otherwise, —page behaves much like —geometry e. The offset is a distance in sample space from the mean, as an absolute integer ranging from 0 to the maximum sample value or as a percentage.

Subtracts the darker of the two constituent colors from the lighter.

For example, this will work with an older 6. The degree of lightening or darkening is proportional to the difference between the source color and 0. As you can see the image processing for the above was simpler and cleaner than you normally would see with shadow flattten, just by underlaying each image in sequence with a transparent starting canvas.

-flatten option use in ImageMagick – Stack Overflow

Offsets are not used. This method can undo a coalesced sequence returned by the —coalesce option, and is useful for removing redundant information from a GIF or MNG animation. Use matte to the change the pixel matte value to transparent. By treating the alpha channel as a visual “mask” the rectangular image may be given a “shape” by treating the alpha channel as a cookie-cutter for the image.

Refer to —visual for more details.