IMM 5218 PDF

IMM 5218 PDF

error in your name, complete and submit a Request to Amend the Immigration Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM ) before. I also contacted IRCC thru the web form but what they gave me was an amendment of the document (IMM ) for an error in the landing. complete the application. Read the Instruction Guide (IMM ) to properly fill out IMM form. Make sure that you include all the supporting documents;.

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Question 14 Indicate the language of correspondence English or Iimm you wish to use. A permanent resident PR card is the official proof that you are a permanent resident of Canada.

Your application was seriously delayed due to an administrative error on the part of Canadian immigration officials. The information you provide 5281 your application is subject to verification.

How To Fix Mistakes on a PR Card – Immigroup – We Are Immigration Law

Question 18 I,m the box to indicate whether your alternate telephone cell, mobile, business number is from Canada, the United States US or another country. You may attach a separate piece of paper if more space is required. If you move or your address changes before your application has been processed, you must advise us by changing your address online.

Once you become a Canadian citizen, you no longer need a permanent resident card, and your Canadian passport will be proof of your eligibility to enter Canada. Read all of the statements in all sections carefully and: Report a problem or mistake on this page.

Indicate the date of original entry to Canada as it should appear on your immigration document in the following format: If a representative is being paid or compensated by someone other than you, the representative is still considered to be a 55218 representative.

Check the box to indicate if this passport number was the one used at the time of entry or if it is your current passport number.

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My Service Canada Account. Please select all that apply: Indicate the date you originally entered Canada in the following format: Read the instruction guide and download the application forms. Release of information to other individuals. It is also for temporary residents who wish to correct errors made by Canadian immigration officials when recording certain personal information on valid temporary resident documents.


IRCC did not mail you a card. To be a citizen of a country means that you were either born in that country in most cases or you kmm granted citizenship in that country. Include only copies of the passport or travel document pages showing: 52118 note that you have 60 days from the time you can report the 518 as lost 4 weeks after the issue date if the card was lost in the mail or 6 months from after you receive the card to report the error.

If you are a temporary resident, indicate the date that should appear on your document in the following format: Other issue not in this list. Umm times can change. Compensated representatives charge a fee or receive some other form of consideration in exchange for the representation that they provide. If your amendment request is different i,m the information contained on the passport and to which your temporary resident document is attached, your information will not be corrected.

Middle Name Not Included – Can I Change This?

Requests relating to inclusion of references to on and off campus work authorization on a study permit do not qualify for urgent processing.

I also contacted IRCC thru the web form but what they gave me was an amendment of the document IMM for an error in the landing document etc.

Translations may be done by a person who is fluent in both languages English or French and the unofficial language. I did not change my name because 52118 is still my name it just missed my middle name. The information on this document should match your passport. You do not have to pay someone for them to be your representative. You must send the following for any document that is not in English or French, unless otherwise stated on your immm checklist: Uncompensated representatives do not charge fees or receive any other form of consideration or compensation for providing advice or services to represent you before IRCC or the CBSA.


In order to help you fill out the application form, read and follow the steps below. Check the box to indicate your sex male or female as it appears on your immigration document that you are seeking to amend.

A photocopy of any legal documents showing name, sex or date of birth changes. When you appoint a representative: Your adopted name will be considered with your application for Canadian citizenship.

Question 52218 Indicate your date of birth in the following format: If the country in which you reside does not use any of these values, please ensure a imn address for the country in which you reside is included.

Once your application has been received, it will be processed and you will be advised whether your request has been approved or refused. If you have dual citizenship, select the country that issued the passport or travel document that you used to enter Canada.

This permit does not permit the 52188 to engage in off campus employment in Canadaand you have become eligible to work on or off campus without a work permit e. This is not a 52118 document. Thank you for your help! Symbols used in this guide. You should not have to apply for one initially, although you im, need to apply if the following applies: If the imm remark is printed on your study permit: Urgent services may include medically urgent health services, obtaining a Social Insurance Number SIN if failing to obtain one will cause immediate loss of employment or an employment opportunity, etc.

If the name on your valid temporary resident document matches the passport you used for entry to Canada, your immigration records will not be amended.

Gather documents Step 2. Comments View the discussion thread.