At the beginning of this haunting and masterful novel from the late Wagamese ( –), eight-year-old Saul Indian Horse is alone, having. Saul Indian Horse is in critical condition. Sitting feeble in an alcoholism treatment facility, he is told that sharing his story will help relieve his agony. Though. Indian Horse, a severe yet beautiful novel by Ojibway writer Richard Wagamese, concerns Saul Indian Horse, a former hockey star undergoing.

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Yet somehow I think there is a point to my doing it. The pellets of rain were warm and Benjamin and I caught them on our tongues as our grandmother laughed behind us.

This book accompanied me through a sleepless night. At first I am a little skeptical because I do not remember anyone living that way in Wsgamese is simply an excellent, fundamentally Canadian novel, beautifully and sparingly written, with grace, poise, banked passion and heartbreaking insight.

How often do treatment centres, run as they are by social workers and do-gooders, actually help anyone? And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with wagqmese light.

Book — Indian Horse Feature Film

After all, Saul is, as the story begins, in a treatment centre for alcoholics. How I could not.

Dec 13, Libby rated it it was amazing Shelves: Saul, Indian Horse is only eight when he is taken It is almost impossible if one lives in the United States to be unaware of our border crisis with Mexico. I wonder how much my grandparents knew. The sufferings that are inflicted on the children are difficult to read, especially as they are based This is a heartbreaking and tragic story told beautifully by Richard Wagamese.


For me, I will take some lessons from the Kelly family, whom Saul visits when he leaves the treatment centre and, in the meantime, I’ll just shut up and listen.

This way I could filter some of the language and discuss the sexual abuse in an …more I read this book with Gr. Wagamese certainly touches all the bases. He was a success in every genre of writing he tried. In the end, my outrage was institutional and political rather than personal. Mar 08, Kimberley Hope rated it it was amazing Shelves: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The book originally came out in Lndian in Even if I’d picked the book up, I might not have been all that convinced by a book about hockey. Richard led writing and storytelling workshops in communities across Canada. Their wagameese begins to win most games with other schools, and, with the help of a particular priest, he gets a chance to leave the school for a position with a team in a First Nations league and a placement with a supportive foster family.

In short, they unite in a concerted effort to eradicate the Indian out of the Indian through the use of corporal punishment, starvation, torture, and fear. A little girl is placed in a box — the Iron Sister — for repeatedly wetting the bed. But the voice of Saul, himself, is the most authentic and vibrant part of this novel. The young Saul is eventually befriended by Father Leboutilier at the school. I think that fiction has a far greater power to fully engage the reader than something like a newspaper article.

I feel the need to listen to the stories of those who have had their land, culture, spirit and hope taken away. What People are Saying.


About the Book

Much of Saul’s insight and struggle revolves around the boon and bane of hockey, which in essence becomes a metaphor for his life. Thanks for telling us about the problem. After a rocky start, they strike a deal: Indian Horse tells the story of residential schools in Canada and it focuses specifically on the story of a very gifted young boy named Saul, who teaches himself to play hockey.

Franklin Starlight has never really known his biological father, Eldon. View all 18 comments. Open Preview See a Problem? And authors are often visionaries, our canaries in the coal mine, our scouts. The epigraph at the beginning is lovely and telling: Indiah nun idian beats a boy who refuses to deny his father. The things they did to these young children, the things they endured. Saul Indian Horse has hit bottom.

To see what your friends richadr of indan book, please sign up. He feared the residential school. At the same time, it demonstrates how knowing your own story can heal a broken spirit. He lands, inevitably, at St. I first talked about this book when I included hodse in a book speed dating project earlier this year and it was definitely compelling enough to finish.

Despite this, Saul finds salvation in the unlik eliest of places and the most favourite of Canadian pastimes — hockey.