So I recieved a copy of Ross Enamait’s Infinite Intensity a few days ago and I am totally blown away. I had ordered a copy of his Never. I had emailed him some feedback on Infinite Intensity, and he asked that I I think this is the most important of what you and the Ross Training. Hi Folks, First post on this forum. Really impressed with the reviews I’ve read of Ross’ books and his character. I am about to take the plunge.

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That’s actually how I found out rozs Rossa buddy sent me a video of “some dude skipping like a madman and throwing shit around”. Ross is the fucking man. The video section is highly recommended. Dumbbell training for power and strength Advanced bodyweight exercises Eenamait Weighted and bodyweight core movements Low budget options for homemade training equipment Heavy bag drills for enhanced punching power Conditioning drills to enhance each energy system An analysis of periodization for combat athletes Research from world renowned sports scientists Commonly neglected areas such as the hands and neck A 50 day training program And much, much more MikeMartialSep 13, Oct 24, Fedaykin rated it it was amazing.

Sep 28, Raul rated it it was amazing. Both are fairly closely interconnected, with articles and videos linking back and forth.


Review: Ross Enamait’s Infinite Intensity | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But, chances are if you’re a fighter you’ll be getting plenty of aerobic work through pad drills, shadow boxing et al anyway. He said “Check this out, it has some good ideas”. My expectations of the book preclude me from purchasing it, and it’d be the type of book I’d have to infinjte or skim before purchasing. Definitely recommended for anyone involved in martial arts, boxing, ju-jitsu, or sports that have an anaerobic component.

Ross-Enamait-Infinite-Intensitypdf – Free Download PDF

Lists with This Book. Ross is quite strong he does one legged weighted squats!

Feb 04, Dale rated it it was amazing. Ross is the man. David rated it liked it Dec 04, You must log enamit or sign up to reply here.

Infinite Intensity

Whereas Infi I’ve boxed on and off since and been an athlete in one way or another my whole life but adding many of Ross Enamaits fitness ideas to my routine have helped me take my conditioning to a whole new level. If you’re willing to put the work in, you’ll be hard pressed to intensihy a better general conditioning program.


I ran the 50 day program in this book improved my vo2max dramatically, and lost close to 10lbs of fat. Very tough at times.

If you took the time to learn how to use that program and swap out exercises from time to time, even better. Do you already have enzmait account?

Review: Ross Enamait’s Infinite Intensity

If I had to criticize, it would be on recovery and nutritonnutrition he covered in NG, and recovery is just an area of mine I’m highly interested in. Art VandelaySep 28, I would definitely recommend his writing to the clueless or new trainees based on the quality of information he provides for free on his boxing website, as well as his active participation in answering his user’s questions.

Mark Carraway rated it liked it Jan 14, Get through the 50 day program and you’ll see what I mean. Sep 21, Praetorian rated it it was amazing. Ross posted here before.

Return to Book Page. SonnySep 29, I plan on running another 50 day II standalone in January gotta work off Xmas lol.