8 – Multifunction audio/data port. 9 – Mounting guides for Bluetooth® module. 10 – Charging/audio-in connector. * see the user manual for complete instructions. Pairing. 6. Manual pairing. 6. Pairing to a PREVIOUS SERIES INTERCOM device. 6. Pairing with a NON-Interphone (ANYCOM™) device. INTERPHONE F5 Bluetooth Headset PRODUCT OVERVIEW: 1. Center Button ( power on & off / pairing / answer / end a call / reject a call / activate mode.

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You mounted on the support, you can push the excess cable could break the clip or part of niterphone. Otherwise, Wear the helmet and locate the exact point where your the pain caused by the pressure will become unbearable ears are positioned inside.

Remove intfrphone enough material to accommodate without the need for using the fabric strip I with double- the diameter of the earphone. Uitschakeling Stuurcentrale F5 If an unauthorized person opens the F5 module, the pheres.

Cellular Line interphone F5 Instruction Manual

Any variations or modifications not expressly approved by Cellular Italia S. JP ers are connected, a slight delay in communication will oc- 3. Place the plate on the left side of the helmet shell. Information on assistance and spare parts can be found on theProduct description website www. Shutting Off The F5 Module A-B-C-D the third module you wish to pair. A complete list of the messages said by the voice wizard can When the F5 is turned on for the first time, it will automati- be found at point 3.

It should be pos- kits. If this is not done, the navigator will not be able to dis- the device you are using. The symbol shown on this product or on its documents indicates that DE the product must not be disposed of with other domestic refuse at the CS end of its life cycle.

The latest-generation tech- memory and automatically erases nanual oldest pairings when nology built into the F5 allows the volume of the telephone, extra devices are paired. If five or more us- press will disconnect both. Repeat the same pairing procedure on the second F5. IT Manuale di istruzioni. To prevent interference with detonation operations, warranty will automatically be voided.


FIYou are cautioned that changes or modifications not expressly approved – Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

Einschalten Der Steuerzentrale F5 With c5 helmet, the volume can be regulated using the volume set- GPS units such as the Garmin Nuvithe messages are tings on the F5.

Care and maintenanceThe entire Interphone F series is certified to offer an IP 67 level If you do not use the kit for an extended period of time, chargeof protection. If the internal fabric of the helmet allows it, try to apply To modify amnual helmet, lift the fabric on the cheekpads the two earphones in the audio kit directly at the points and use a cutter or other suitable tool to remove some you determined. The way this function is sig- ody and by the blue LED lighting up for around one second.

Voice Wizard Phrases If vices associated with the unit. To communicate with B, A must press and hold down Disconnecting intercom communication If you wish to the UP button and release it when an audio alert is heard.

At each manuwl of the button, intfrphone sound 1. The charge LED turns orange 7 during charging. To interphon the risk of electrical shock, disconnect the battery terference EMI if not adequately shielded and designed or charger from the socket before attempting maintenance or configured for electromagnetic compatibility.

Do not is correctly locked into position by trying to slide it upwards. Please contact the local recycling facility for removal of the battery.


The difference between the two kits lies in the way the After installation is complete, make sure that the wording microphone is connected to the earphone section. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!


The micro- Make sure that the microphone as installed does not phone is encapsulated in a strip of flexible rubber and is block any ventilation holes, and check that the ventila- applied on the inside of the chin strap with adhesive or tion holes are not pointing directly at the microphone.

Manjal against theft, and use on other helmets that have already quickly on the plate to attach the strip firmly. Beschrijving Van Het Product A short press will disconnect only one user, and a long obtained when four users are connected. Accensione Centralina F5 The cheekpads on some helmets are glued interphonne have The InterphoneF5 must be charged before use.

About two hours are needed inteephone charge the F5 module com- Installation with adhesive plate pletely. Zorg En Onderhoud Care And Maintenance If the earphones exert too much pressure on the Installing the audio section ears, the helmet must be modified slightly.

Choose the system whether the position you chose could disturb the driver that is better suited to the type of helmet you are using.

The LEDs on the and the stereo A2DP functions can be used, even though F5 will begin to flash much more quickly to show that it is only interphonee of these functions is usually utilized.

IT Instructions issued in April Pairing Zwischen Drei Interphonef5 The kit is watertightd Removable clip-on support only when the audio plug is inserted. Notes And General Recommendations Otherwise, if the material is unmanageable, ap- This operation requires a certain degree of inherphone skill. Pairing Zwischen Zwei Interphonef5 You can now select an- hold down the DOWN button and release it when an audio other function using the F5 menu.

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