Inventing Europe: idea, identity, reality. Front Cover. Gerard Delanty. Macmillan, – History – Bibliographic information. QR code for Inventing Europe. I{ETlllNKlNC IRTSH HISTORy (with patrick O’Mahony). Inventing Europe. Idea, Identity, Reality. Gerard Delanty. Senior LÄ›crurer in Sociology. U niversity of Liver . Inventing Europe: Idea, Identity, Reality, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke,

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Justina rated it it was amazing Feb 02, The cover-design reproduces George Grosz’s Eclipse of the Sun. Every model of Europe ever devised always gcncratcdTri ahti-modei: Though Chinese decline was offset by a period of recovery following the riseof the Ming dynasty 1 The Byzantine Empire had also reached the limit of its expansion and was unable to prevent Islam from encroaching upon its territory.

Inventing Europe: Idea, Identity, Reality

This was also a period of Reconquest for the Latin West. The European idea is quite simply a political football. It is not something that can easily be chosen or rejected, for it itself structures the field of choices and the cpistemological framework in which it is articulated.

The rise of Christianity in the West, in effect, led to the equation of the Occident with Europe. It was not until the High Middle Ages, from about to After the Fall of Constantinople in as much as one quarter of European territo- ry lay under Muslim rule and after the advance of the Red Army in one third of Europe lay under the Russians, who have traditionally been per- ceived as non-European.

Inventing Europe: idea, identity, reality – Gerard Delanty – Google Books

The notion of Europe as a geographical term became increasingly applied to the Christian parts of the West. The situatipnjs not very different today: The crusades were able to take advantage of a period of crisis in the Islamic world in the tenth century when the Abbasid dynasty was overthrown by the Delantj.


Jul 14, Ariane rated it really liked it Shelves: At this point I should like to clarify a theoretical presupposition implicit in what I have been arguing. From the tenth century onwards in the wake of the break-up of the Carolingian empire the restored Roman empire, under Otto I, invenhing to Germany and away from the east Franks.

This book edlanty about how every age invented the idea of Europe in the mirror of its own identity: The idea of a recovery of the Christian lands overseas never died and the ideal of Christian world mastery continued to be a powerful cultural motif in the West, which was never able to accept its diminished status.

The symbol of the crusaders was the transnational symbol of the cross, not a national emblem, and they were known as ‘the army of God’ or ‘the host of God’ Bartlett, In usurping the place held by Christendom, the idea of Europe came to acquire the aura of a normative standard of civilisation, but this ultimately was a reification of ethical pos- tulates: Nor do I find adequate the view, expressed by President Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic in a speech to the Invsnting Parliament in Strasbourg inthat Europe needs ‘a spiritual or moral dimension’ which would be capable of articulating an identity and the recreation of charisma.

Scholarly and Reference Division, St.

[ Gerard Delanty] Inventing Europe : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This inevitably led to ambiguity since Christian unity transcended European unity and was in its early phase a universal religion that was not specifically European. Annelies rated it it was ok Jan 08, As is well known, the democracy afforded by the fabled Greek polis was based on slav- ery. In Rome itself was sacked and the pope forced to pay tribute.


Charlemagne’s defeat of the Byzantines in hastened the split within Europe. His current research interests are European cities, global politics and collective identity. The idea of Europe as it became articulated in this period served as a means of alienating the Greek church from the Latin West. Charlemagne used the church as a bulwark against the aristocracy.

TheArabempireoftheUmayyad dynasty, established in Damascus inbegan to look westwards and advanced into Europe with the fall of the kingdom of inenting Visigoths in Spain in 71 1. In order to achieve this task I have drawn heavily on a ehrope variety of historical, social and polit- ical studies and do not, in a work of this schematic and interpretative nature, claim originality on all the issues discussed, nor can T claim the same degree of familiarity with the primary source material that the specialised researcher can.

Whilst this is convincing, it is also little that is ne Delanty admits in his preface that his book is meant more for political scientists than it is for historians but I found his over exaggerations and lack of historical nuance hard to read. In the ninth century the Vikings pressed southwards, the Magyars advanced from the cast and the Muslims from the south.

The war in Bosnia is another factor seriously undermining the prospect and possibility of a European identity.

Laura rated it liked it Jan 04, In fact Muslim civilisation absorbed more of Greek culture than did the post-Roman West.