In late President Ronald Reagan became embroiled in in what became known as the Irangate Scandal. It was discovered that the Reagan administration . New revelations published on 25th anniversary of Iran-Contra affair say Israel played secondary part in the scandal which rocked DC in This scandal illustrates a different but equally dangerous type of Presidential fiasco we have to learn to guard against. Mr. Nixon compulsively.

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North and his associates also raised private funds for the Contras.

There was, however, a U. Retrieved 23 April New report suggests Israel linked to Irangate scandal.

Iran–Contra affair

Military aide Marine Lt. Reagan was driven by a different obsession.

Retrieved 15 November There was a problem with your submission. Depending upon one’s political perspective, the Congressional investigation into the Iran—Contra affair was either an attempt by the legislative arm to gain control over an out-of-control executive arm, a partisan “witch hunt” by the Democrats against a Republican administration or a feeble effort by Congress that did far too little to rein in the “imperial presidency” that had run amok by breaking numerous laws.

Retrieved 30 December Joe,” sxandal the popular American toy.

Iran-Contra Affair

Part of the deal also entailed CIA usage of funds to finance the rebels in Nicaragua — a move also deemed illegal by the Congress. While avoiding exaggeration, Kaplan documents the influence on the Bush administration of the Israeli right and its neoconservative allies, such as pardoned Irangate criminal Elliot Abrams, whom Kaplan quotes as saying: Islamic Terror Abductions in the Middle East reprint A common narrative of the Iran-Contra affair has the US-sponsored arms sales to Iran beginning in the year What Was the Iran-Contra Affair?

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Although laws had been broken, and Reagan’s image suffered as a result of Iran-Contra, his popularity rebounded. As a military aide to the National Security Council, North had been the main negotiator. Killing of prisoners and children in battle – A Scsndal job.

GPO 17 November Upon further investigation, Attorney General Edwin Meese verified the report and an independent special prosecutor, Lawrence E. Both the sale of weapons to Iran, and the funding of the Contras, attempted to circumvent not only stated administration policy, but also the Boland Amendment.

Iran-Contra Affair | Summary |

Otherwise, you can work with my staff. The Independent CounselLawrence E. Bill Breeden, a former minister, stole the street’s sign in protest of the Iran—Contra affair. In the case of Nicaragua, the focus was on destabilizing the government and engineering the overthrow of the Marxist-oriented Sandinista regime.

The Americans believed that there was a moderate faction in the Islamic republic headed by Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjanithe powerful speaker of the Majlis who was seen as a leading potential successor to Khomeini and who was alleged to want a rapprochement with the Irangaet States. Although these articles may currently differ in style from others on the site, they allow us to provide scanndal coverage of topics sought by our readers, through a diverse range of trusted voices.

As angry as I may be about activities undertaken without my knowledge, I am still accountable for those activities. In Iran, Mehdi Hashemithe leaker of the scandal, was executed inallegedly for activities unrelated to the scandal. C and gave him a guided tour at midnight of the White House. But if an agreement to send secret arms shipments to Iran, and the fact of those shipments, both began beforethen the release of the hostages cannot be the reason for the arms shipments.


The plan was later complicated in latewhen Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council diverted a portion of the proceeds from the Iranian weapon sales to fund the Contrasa group of anti- Sandinista rebel fighters, in their struggle against the socialist government of Nicaragua. Independent CounselLawrence Walsh later wrote: The hearings surrounding the scandals were televised from May to August in Three of the seven hostages in Lebanon were also released, although the Iran-backed terrorist group there later took three more Americans hostage.

Still, the president instructed his National Security Advisor, Robert McFarlane, to find scanal way to assist the drug-dealing Contras, regardless of the cost—political or otherwise.

Iran-Contra Affair – HISTORY

In all, 14 people were charged, including North, Poindexter and McFarlane. Reagan and Iran Dcandal Despite the fact that Reagan had promised voters he would never negotiate with terrorists—which he or his underlings did while brokering the weapons sales with Iran—the two-term occupant of the White House left office as a popular president.

In JanuaryCongress announced it was opening an investigation into the Iran—Contra affair. The American Presidency Project. From fantasy to fiasco.