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Fancy the craze for salvation, by killing one’s own son!

Islam: The Arab Imperialism

As he lay on his death-bed through longevity and physical exhaustion, he shivered with cold and uncertainty. Since every living thing perished except what Noah was able to save as a reward for his virtues, he ranks as the Hero of the Flood, the second progenitor of mankind and saviour of the fowl and the beast.

It is a proof of the fact that, man neither likes nor needs Allah’s guidance which is another description of revelation. This is the main tool of the Islamic propaganda for attracting converts.

What happened to Bathsheba’s first conception by David? The divine David, first flared up with anger, and then realising the enormity of his sin, he repented but decided to cleanse his guilt in a novel way. The lady surrendered, yet David retained his piety! Yet the Muslims call themselves monotheists! Since the concept of Prophethood has been a great barrier to free thinking and unity of mankind owing to its supernatural and devisive character, one is inclined to examine it with a view to sifting facts from fiction and truth from triviality.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam)

As “the living image of God,” pharaoh in his human capacity was also believed to be the servant of God, destined to carry out His work on earth. Therefore, he must be driven, not only by imperialissm zeal of dominance-urge to seek the highest possible social dignity, but also possess sufficient wisdom and courage to achieve this goal.

The purpose of the dominant or the gubernator is always the same – telling people how to live by equating morality with the law. In it, Allah addresses Muhammad as follows: This passion for adoration is the essence of worship, which is the worst form of aggression because it requires the worshipper to humiliate himself through a set of self-debasing rituals, aimed at expressing his total surrender.

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Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. They are embellished with silver bracelets. Imeprialism adultery to Aisha, was another most imperialismm act of Abdullah bin Ubayy. Allah guides whom He likes, and Muhammad is imperkalism of those lucky servants of Allah. Nay, but you are a people of transgressors” The Poets: Islam is the means to realize this dream By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It is only the act of marriage which sanctifies the sensual rights of the spouses. How they are perverted.

According to the Bible, he was a husbandman and the inventor of the vineyard culture. He is neither a guardian over people nor can he guide anyone. The creator of such a wonderful universe cannot be measured in terms afab human fantasy, fear and fanaticism. Therefore, the dominant has to use some sophisticated ploys which, despite being vicious, must look virtuous; their power of brainwashing should be as great as that of a burning lamp, whose lure proves so irresistible to the moths that they cremate themselves on it without any external pressure.

This is the pivot of dominance urge, which is satisfied by pleas, petitions and prayers of the vanquished and subordinates to convince the dominant of his greatness, glitter and grandeur, which is really not there impedialism man is mortal and intrinsically so vulnerable that he can be humbled any time by disease, death or disaster. He made grape wine; drank it to his heart’s content, and indulged in intoxication.

Apparently, it signifies monotheism existence of One God but as Allah, along with His angels, worships the Prophet, it is Muhammad, who is the only God. There was an altercation between the two until their voices became loud This novel spirituality gradually tilted the political balance against Abdullah b. In other languages Add links. He does not neglect Ishmael: He welded the imperialisn Arab tribes into a unified nation and inspired them with a great political ideal, leading to the establishment of a mighty Arab Empire, which the misguided Muslims of the Indian subcontinent think of as the Islamic Empire, despite the fact that the status of the non- Arab Muslims in it was no better than that of Indians in the British Empire.


Islam – The Arab Imperialism (Anwar Shaikh) February-March,

Thus, secular dominance cannot isla held for longer periods by sheer brute force. God, the Almighty, chose to side with Sarah in this episode! It is well explained by what is called “Peck Order” and is commonly seen among chicken where bird A pecks the weaker bird B and B pecks the still weaker bird C. However, this divine process went a bit too far: One wonders if Allah has a separate identity of his own. Here are quotations from Sunun lbne Majah, volume one: Islam has become the conqueror of hearts and minds of the depressed, kslam distracted and the decimated.

This mystery can be solved by referring to the following verses: Secondly, he took no action against his daughters. What a device this revelation is! If a houri looks down from her abode in heaven onto the earth, the whole distance shall be filled with light and fragrance In fact, Islam is the most effective tool of imperialism; other nations, usually acquire political and cultural glory through economic power or sword and fire, but Islam achieves this aim through the medium of faith-in-Muhammad, the only source of paradise, replete with beautiful virgins, pretty boys and rivers of wine, milk and honey.

In return, “Solomon gave unto the Queen of Sheba all her desire whatsoever she asked Secular dominance is short-lived, because when a person dies, with him perishes his dominance-urge. I may refer to the Egyptian custom which is relevant to the nature of this discussion: The Prophet’s wives did not like Omar’s interference and told him to mind his own business. Pakistani authors births deaths Hindus.

I am referring to his treatment of Ishmael, his other son, from Sarah’s maidservant, called Hagar. Here is the testimony: See the truth for yourself: