The most serious Maya revolt in colonial Yucatec history happened at a town called Cisteíl. Its leader was Jacinto Uc. We know him as Canek. Jacinto Canek’s life followed by just a few decades Spain’s final conquest of the last independent Mayan peoples, the Itza, in the s. Palacio del Gobernador (Governor’s Palace), Merida Picture: The Execution of Jacinto Canek – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and.

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General culture History biology Other phrases Literature. Little did the joy of the insurgents last. Selecting it as the place to begin the revolt makes sense only when seen as part of the plan.

The purpose of including this vignette, apparently, is to show Canek to be a sensitive, intelligent and caring Maya man, who befriends an outcast white boy.

This last rebellion continued until the early 20th century. The Maya population was forced to work as slave labor for the conquering Spanish, while all traces of their cultural world, particularly temples and writings, were systematically destroyed by the Spanish.

Although controversy surrounds the events that followed, it is certain that a very serious rebellion took place, with Jacinto as a leader. Canek was captured, tried, and executed by being torn limb-from-limb.

Canek, a commoner perhaps an orphan with some education, mounted in November a surprise revolt at the village of Cisteil or Quisteil.

The Baker Who Would Be King

The capital of that new Jacijto nation would be found in Mani. By using jacintl website or by closing this dialog you agree with the conditions described here. Fra Dolcino, Apostle At that time the rebels thought that their uprising could succeed. On November 19 or November 20,after a religious ceremony in the church, Canek spoke to the assembly in Maya:.

In the following decades, many more would burst nacinto they reached the Caste War, a century later. This did not silence the young Mayan, who continued with his attitude. Whatever the case, Canek increasingly becomes the best friend and protector of Guy. Stephen Morin, serial killer convert. There he deposed the parish priest and preached from the Catholic pulpit in the Mayan tongue:. Throughout the eighteenth century their traditions were almost exterminated and most were forced to work on the haciendas in almost slave-like conditions.


Off Replies All Submit. People began following King Canek around with candles, offering gifts, bowing, and asking his blessing. These items were brought to Canek, and he was crowned with the Virgin’s crown and given a mantle and scepter.

But Jacingo think what separates men from animals is the faculty that the former have of repressing or eliminating appetite. Many people began arriving from other villages, worshiping Canek and proclaiming him to be the prophesied liberator. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

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By Yucatan Times on October 7, This ccanek was last edited on 12 Novemberat In Sivac himself, Canek is captured along with the rest of his followers. The Itza kingdom was the last independent Maya state, submitting to the Spanish in Guatemala only in In the skirmish that followed, Captain Cosgaya, five of his soldiers and eight Indians were killed.

His only mistake was letting escape a friar, Miguel Ruela, who was the one who warned the Spanish authorities of what was happening. The Maya army numbered at least 2, fighters — some estimates say twice that number — a force that required planning and jacnto participation of many towns. Jacinto Canek Monument in Campeche The rebels were prepared and deadly serious. The main accusation facing the indigenous leader is that of rebellion. To inspire loyalty among his jacijto, Canek told them that he had been given magical powers and jacinfo aid of five brujos medicine men.

Many streets, schools, and parks bear his name throughout the peninsula and all of Mexico.

The historic site may have been nearby, possibly a few canei farther west, closer to present Timul. Gentle reader, you do not want to know details of the tortures inflicted upon the prisoner. He sent letters to find followers and indicated January as the chosen date. For decades, large areas of the Mayan Yucatan remained deadly to enter for any white-skinned outsider.


It was a new village, founded cannek about cansk groups of Maya migrants, people who would have had contacts in other places. My beloved children, I know you yearn to throw off the heavy yoke you have labored under since the Spanish subjugation … Spanish rule [brings] nothing but suffering servility. Home Humanities Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Canek, Jacinto c.

In his frequent musings in the book about the nature jafinto life and of mankind, Canek notes that the Maya are satisfied with little but that the whites are greedy, they always want more.

Within days of the Cosgaya massacre, all the district military commanders received orders to call up militias, post sentries, confiscate firearms from Indians, and detain the Maya caciques. Things reached a climax on November When Canek learned of Pacheco’s arrival, he brought together the chief men of the village, and they went to the tavern where Pacheco was ajcinto.

No doubt Jacinto Canek was the main caudillo of the rebellion, but several chiefs were also involved.

The uprising was a success in the first hours. Nothing conformist, began to ask and protest loudly, which earned him a serious warning from the monks. These were names bearing power. It is suggested that Guy is a sort of sad, poetic, autobiographical representation of the author as a young child.

Book Review: Canek | Yucatan Living

He removed the crown from the statue of the Blessed Virgin and placed it on his own head. They easily managed to take Cisteil.

The village was burned, and Indians were said to have perished in the blaze, including eight priests or leaders of the rebellion.