Jagged Alliance Walkthrough VideosTotal number of 1 videos by TheHiddenObjectGuru (). Title, Duration, Date. Thoughts on: Rage! (PC Version). Got a Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/ Guides. 2. You don’t really need a walkthrough. You’re free to play the way you Check for.

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Register an account and Follow the blog if you would like to comment. Silenced MACs, high-end pistols and the G win on style points, though. Yes, the game is non-linear in nature and allows for multiple approaches, but this walkthrough is written linearly in order to gradually reveal the campaign to newbies without flooding them with info and spoilers.

And that is without forcing the I. Also, I don’t understand the Personality changes.

Jagged Alliance 2 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

Sep 10, Messages: Wow, that article is really bad. You don’t have to free kmoplettlsung towns, you can ignore all quests given to you with exception of the main quest of killing the queen. Marco Santaro April 17, Iron out some stuff and it beats anything I’ve played since in that regard.


The rebel leader Miguel Cordona, former election candidate and opponent of Enrico, guides the player to the city of Drassen.

Steam Community :: Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire

Both are badass in their own way. Sign in Create account Sign in.

ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer or Opera. The Psycho attitude means you will occasionally overkill with burst-fire wasting ammobut it’s fun with FN-FALs and by end-game you will be glad you have it. Jagged Alliance 2 Retrospective Walkthrough Guide.

I think it’s as perfect as this type of game can get. Ahti Lilura April 18, There is also an underslung grenade launcher available. Omerta suffered a massive raid shortly before the events of the game, leaving the town damaged and nearly deserted.

Feb 13, Messages: I chose sci-fi mode because I want to cover the bugs think Aliens. Ahti Lilura Jagbed 13, Fits the theme and era perfectly. Check out the user interface.

Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire Store Page. Note that you’re not forced into a playstyle based on the outcome of the profiling; it’s just a bonus or an amusing penalty; f.

Marco Santaro April 16, Currently it shows that our squad is hovering over A9: Apr 13, Komplertlsung Ignoring. The only quest you need to finish is the one killing Deidrianna.

Jagged Alliance 2 Retrospective Walkthrough

I might do a specific write-up for 1. You should check your I. After that, we must take the town of Drassen, gain control of its mines and train the militia to hold it against Deidranna’s reprisals while we head off to liberate other towns.


I just put it here for people who would like to have a passive I. Friends list is currently empty. UB or if I had to stop right before the end due to a bug The brilliance of Jagged Alliance 2 was already there. All of these can be raised up to 85 in chargen and higher in-game and skills can be reduced to 35 or even dumped to zero Attributes and Leadership cannot be zero-dumped.

Marco Santaro April 14, Still, there is nothing wrong with them at all. Behold the glory of Jagged Alliance 2 isometric; it’s ageless.

I tried JA2 a few years ago, jumping right kompleftlsung 1. Marco Santaro April 18, Yes, I clearly remember having a lot of 5. Your bullet shatters the window at your end, travels through the buildingshatters the window at the other end, and drops the enemy on the front lawn.

All the other quests are optional.