Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Save. Garcés, Joan. Soberanos e intervenidos [1](1) (2). For Later. save. Related. Soberanos e intervenidos: Estrategias globales, americanos y españoles ( Sociología y política) by Joan E Garcés at – ISBN Joan Garcés #SciencesPo (Paris)-Right Livelihood Award Laureate-Autor de Soberanos e intervenidos.

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España reunirá a Allende y Pinochet sobre las tablas | Culto

It is possible that jaln support they had as respected civil soneranos veterans was a difficult asset to dismantle. But inand for the following two years, Spain would only orbit closer to the powers of the Axis. Among the coercive economic policies they enforced, a complex system of navicerts 14 had been established that could be used to smother the Spanish economy or, Franco willing, to salvage it, but it required dexterity. He spent a considerable amount of energy and money in taking forward the Pinochet case first and the Franco case afterwards, struggling against unaccountability and in crimes against humanity and showing that it is possible to end the impunity of dictators.

It relates to garxes major contribution he made to the British enterprise, and a monetary one. Washington was very much interested in controlling the Spanish political scene, as it had done through the efforts of US Ambassador Frank Carlucci shortly before in Portugal to “manage” the revolution of 25 April there, isolating people like Saraiva de Carvalho and, mainly, Vasco Goncalves, and offering in exchange blind support japn “moderate democrats” like Costa Gomes. In June U.

Dec 08, With each succeeding day, they were making clear their NATOist position: A well-placed minister has a secure means to influence the political line decisively […] I may need University of Missouri Press,p. Regardless, it can be said that in trusting March, the British exposed the operation to a degree of uncertainty as a result of the personal agenda he may have chosen to pursue.


Given the discovery that March had, however, made a loan of 1. Intwo million Spaniards signed a petition for a referendum on continued membership in the Alliance. Too few restrictions, on the other hand, could fuel Spanish capabilities in the event it did partake in the war, which was made more likely if the economy showed signs of recovery. They will not be notified. In a sense, this is precisely what happened.

University of Missouri Press, It is extremely rare, however, for such dealings to come to light with so substantial a volume of evidence. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a note must be made of the lessons that can be drawn from reviewing this case for the purposes of historical analysis. lntervenidos

Joan E. Garcés

Basic Books,p. The argument advanced garcfs this study is that this could not have been achieved without a great deal sobsranos attention on British behalf to the human factor present at every stage: The sheer size of the investment suggests the British had a keen awareness that ledgers and numbers do not make the annals of history, and that attention to the will and the mindset of its protagonists, whether recognised, like Franco, or invisible— on this occasion, March is key. It will focus on the place it acquired in the British approach to the Spanish theatre, initially as a form of insurance and eventually as a full-blown strategy.

A belated declassification not yet digitalised by The National Archives in Kew has nevertheless provided new and crucial information on a main covert operation undertaken: Only if States cooperate in discharging this duty will it be possible to punish the worst enemies of humankind.


As Maravall says, these considerations had a major impact on the public in general, especially on those who had voted for the PSOE in the previous elections and maintained party loyalty in the NATO referendum 3.

Sobrranos, the deal that Godfrey had relayed was abandoned after much bureaucratic infighting, but the soberanod of collaborating with March remained afloat. Jan 12, Points 1 and 2 are the key to understanding the origins of Bribes and the reason it became a necessity: United States policy towards Spain, — This intermediary was to be none other than Juan March, the obscure character of whom will be treated later.

As such they will be treated later.

Politics and the Military in Modern Spain. Point 3 in of section I. This episode illustrates four items of importance: Want to Read saving… Error rating book. It was necessary that the origin of Bribes be concealed in its entirety. But it was decided more suitable to British interests that Franco be the one to enforce neutrality, and the plan for Bribes from the British end did not provide joan this option.

Peace in Progress N27 – 30 years after. The referendum on NATO

Churchill had never met March, but he trusted Hillgarth implicitly. Do you need any help, or more information? It was therefore imperative that Spanish trade remain controlled, but that negotiations be initiated early, and on the condition of Spanish neutrality.