The first installment in Jasper Fforde’s New York Times bestselling series of Thursday Next novels introduces literary detective Thursday Next and. I read a scrappy, dog-eared paperback of Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair for the first time three years ago, curled up outdoors under a large tree. Surreal and hilariously funny, this alternate history, the debut novel of British author Fforde, will appeal to lovers of zany genre work (think Douglas Adams) and.

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None of the authors that inspire devotion ever saw the 20th century.

You need a love and knowledge of classic literature to know what is our reality and what is an alternative e. I found the character of Thursday Next to be quite shallow.

If Gorm Ingerson really wanted to drink himself to death, In order affsir achieve their goals they need to travel into the books. View all 15 comments. Theresa opened the book and sat down for a nice, afternoon read.

Witty and clever, this literate romp heralds a fun new series set in a wonderfully original world. Braxton Hicks — His namesake is a type of false contraction pain experienced during pregnancy.

The Eyre Affair

The barriers between reality and fiction are softer than we think; a bit like a frozen lake. Lunch with Bowden Next shows up at the church where Parke-Laine is about to be married to another woman, but Rochester’s lawyer interrupts the wedding. She’s the Special Operative’s renowned literary detective, and she drives a Porsche.


This is a thoroughly delightful and brilliant book. I do admit that some of the complaints I made are related to the fact that this is not my kind of book and I understand people who gave it 5 stars.

Table Of Contents 1. Once a key figure in the BookWorld police force Still a five star read for me and now I have read it again I want to carry on and read the rest of them even if they all have yellowy brown pages! Jasper Fforde began his career in the film industry, and for nineteen years held a variety of posts on such movies as Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment. This book is full of tongue-in-cheek references characters named Braxton Hicks, Runcible Spoon,and Mycroft for example.

Fforde failed his Welsh Nationality Test by erroneously identifying Gavin Henson as a TV chef, but jaeper to live and work in his adopted nation despite this setback.

He has a passion for movies, photographs, and aviation.

Summer readings: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde | Books | The Guardian

But wait, thanks to cloning, scientists have been able to bring dodos out of extinction, and it turns out that they ffogde great pets! Novels by Jasper Fforde. Reading a truly good book, the page opens like a trapdoor and you simply fall through.

So, what went wrong?

The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next, #1) by Jasper Fforde

Let’s start with the world building. There are many other examples, too, such as bedside the side of the bed and streetcorner the corner of the streetand so forth.


I will give a hint: How they get there and how they rewrite Jane Eyre is very clever. Aug 19, Wanda rated it liked it Shelves: A Lord of the Rings for the 21st century. I found this here on goodreads and wonder if I should put this one on my christmas-wishlist, it sounds a bit like Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and Walter Moers – so I’m guessing it’s either something unoriginal or something I would totally enjoy Great Britain circabut a Great Britain where literature has a prominent place in affzir life.

I enjoy the concept of the flexibility of the novels we read, that they can be warped or altered by malevolent forces.

A particularly tricky case puts Thursday in the position of policing text itself, as she must prevent villainous Acheron Hades from kidnapping vital characters from literary classics.

This book wraps up nicely so that you could just stop the series here or chose to acfair on. She rescues Mycroft and the Prose Portal, and returns Jane to the novel. Orconomics J Zachary Pike 9.