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L-Acoustics P old colour Used, Second hand. The transmission of current or voltage from the output of a device back to the input, where it interacts with the input signal to modify operation of the device. This refers to amicrophone with a flexible neck that is most frequently attached to a podium or lectern.

Compression scheme used to transfer audio files via the Internet and store in portable players and digital audio servers. L-Acoustics P new colour Used, Second hand. Television signals are modulated onto RF signals and are then demodulated by your television’s tuner. Stands for either Tom Holman’s eXperiment, after the engineer who drafted the original standard, or is named after the company’s founder George Lucas’ first movie, THX The preamp comes in the signal chain before the amplifiers.

In video, frequency is used to define the image resolution. Bi-amplified or full-range passive operation. Anything that processes an incoming signal in some way.


JBL SRXM Stage Monitor – Black | eBay

A Line Array is perfect for medium to large audiences. These words all refer to the initial few seconds of audio signifying the beginning of the production. Same as low cut. A comparison of the signal level relative to jb noise level.

Raising sliders boosts the affected frequencies; lowering sliders cuts attenuates the affected frequencies. JBL Professional by Harman: Feedback is positive when it’s in phase with the input and negative when it’s out of phase.

A measure of the impediment to the flow of alternating current, measured in ohms at a given frequency. The middle of the bass part of the frequency range, from approximately 50 to Hz upper bass would be from to Hz. Root Mean Square or the square root of the arithmetic mean average of the square’s set of values. Equalizers may be graphic, parametric, or a combination of both.

The nonverbal audio that occurs in a non-studio setting. A filter that passes high frequencies, and attenuates low frequencies.

JBL SRX712M Stage Monitor – Black

Larger numbers are better. This requires an RF demodulator usually referred to as an AC3-RF demodulator before or in the surround processor to decode the signal. The number of jbll vibrations per second.

A component designed to alter jbp frequency balance of an audio signal. VCRs and DBS receivers often include channel 3 or 4 modulators, allowing the output signal to srd712m tuned by the television on those channels. PCM a way to convert sound or analog information to binary information 0s and 1s by taking samples of the sound and record jvl resulting number as binary information. An unwanted portion of a signal such as hiss, hum, whine, static, or buzzing.


NATS can be used to help characterize the setting. A measurement of 20 to 20, Hz, 3dB means those frequencies between 20 and 20, Hz can be reproduced no more than 3 dB above or below a reference frequency level.

It is designed to allow the speaker to raise or lower the microphone to a suitable height. A reasonably srx721m method of describing an amplifier’s power output. L-Acoustics X8 Used, Second hand. Also, laser discs used an RF signal for modulating Dolby Digital 5. Increase in level or amplitude. L-Acoustics P Used, Second hand. Uses some proprietary features, but mostly assures a base quality level for a given room size.

Larger numbers mean higher resistance to current flow. Also used as a term for loudspeaker drivers designed to reproduce both bass and midrange frequencies.