A primer on raising children and the duties all Christian parents have toward those God has entrusted to them. J.C. Ryle () was appointed the first Bishop of Liverpool in and was the leader of the Evangelical party in the Church of England for more than. Original article by Bishop J. C. Ryle, also sometimes entitled, “How Should a Child Be Trained?”.

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So besides obvious parts, it’s difficult to know exactly what is Ryle’s and what is Witchalls’s. Beware of all of the psychology that has been developed in the last 50 years.

The Duties Of Parents

There were nuggets of wisdom offered throughout the work. There are no discussion topics on j.c.ryke book yet.

Read this in one sitting and it made me feel like an absolute failure! Lists with This Book.

Duties of Parents, The

There are a lot of parenting books out there and there are a ton of “theories” prents the different approaches to and aspects of parenting.

Straightforward, easy-to-read language, hard hitting. It is the duries that unlocks the treasury of promises, and the hand that draws forth grace and help in time of need.

Lots of grey areas that I would encourage parents to do their own research in scripture and pray how it applies to their parenting.


The Duties of Parents – J.C. Ryle | Feedbooks

Readers should probably know a little about the author–that he was an Anglican Bishop of Evangelical persuasion who lived most of his life in the s he died midway through It is natural to be tender and affectionate towards your own flesh and blood, and it is the excess of this very tenderness and affectio [Nice PDF of the book available here: But overall, really challenging and helpful read.

Penelope’s loom as a metaphor for undoing all the good [misapplication] Go forward then in faith, and be sure that your labour shall not be altogether thrown away. It was challenging in many ways and a little frustrating as Ryle seems to tell you to require obedience and trust from your children but doesn’t really expand on how.

Jul 26, Maria Vargason rated it it was amazing. It’s blunt, direct, and full of quotable phrases. Straight to your heart. Excellent read for parents and non-parents.

Dec 19, Megan rated it it was amazing.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dec 25, Natalie Herr rated it it was amazing. Though first published more than parenhs century ago, this little booklet from Ryle contains principles of parenting that still resonate today. Truly your own happiness in great measure depends on it. It avails you nothing to plead want of memory, and want of learning, and want of books, and want of scholarship in this matter. No trivia or quizzes yet.


Dogmatic Theology Volume 1, by William G. Prayer is the mightiest engine God has placed in our hands.

I also was much encouraged by the point the author made that sometimes it’s okay to teach our children spiritual matters even if they might not understand it right then and there of course, that’s not an excuse to work hard in bringing things down to the kid’s level. It’s filleded with solid biblical advice for parents.

Click here to download. Ryle – Still Waters Revival Books. Duties of Parents by J.

Duties Of Parents, The – Chapel Library

Read it even if you’re not a parent Helped me to review and refocus on the importance and urgency of training up a child in the way he should go. We used to buy them and give them as baby shower gifts.

Short, wise, helpful, and to the point on biblical parenting.