Shadows of the Workhouse is a book by British author Jennifer Worth ( ). It formed the basis for the second series of the television drama Call the. The sequel to Jennifer Worth’s New York Times bestselling memoir and the basis for the PBS series Call the MidwifeWhen twenty-two-year-old Jennifer Worth, fr. Buy Shadows Of The Workhouse: The Drama Of Life In Postwar London by Jennifer Worth (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low .

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These stories give a fascinating insight into the resilience and spirit that enabled ordinary people to overcome their difficulties. When the man’s wife discovered the affair, Jane’s mother who had been a domestic worker in the household was tossed into the street. Sister Monica Joan took hers many decades before the period related here. Worth shows us how the best of intentions in dealing with the unlucky and incapable human byproducts can lead to terrible cruelty.

Sep 03, Angela rated it woryh liked it. Considering British class discrimination, this is unsurprising but painful, emotionally excruciating and deeply disgusting. I thoroughly enjoyed reading of her experiences and seeing how she blossomed beautifully from the vain naivety of youth, into a kinder, more thoughtful, and ultimately insightful adult. They made the biggest mistake in history.

Shadows Of The Workhouse : Jennifer Worth :

Currently reading ‘Shadows of the Workhouse’ I’ve just read a bit about spreading peanut worrth – I wasn’t aware of peanut butter being known in Britain until fairly recently ie. Cockney culture was wiped out. Refresh and try again.


As a collection of memoirs and as a social history, it is a wonderful read. This was horrific reading at times, but interesting.

She later began writing, and her first volume of memoirs, ‘Call the Midwife’, was published in The third part deals with Worth’s granddaughterly relationship with Joe Collett, and that was the best of the entire book – one of the finest pieces of writing I’ve read in a long time.

It tells the stories of several people whom the author met while doing her work: And the rent got paid, and somehow jennife got fed.

Shadows of the Workhouse

So, on to Farewell to the East End, the last in the trilogy. What I can tell you about the first book is that I bawled! Shadows of the Workhouse” by Jennifer Worth.

All of the workhouse stories in this book were horrible: Men were old at forty, women worn out at thirty-five.

She seemed to live in a jenniffer state of anxiety and she was consumed by her need to be approved of by the sisters of Nonnatus House. In this volume, Worth tells us about a handful of people she came into contact with during her stint at Nonnatus Home.

It upset me, especially the final weeks of his life, evicted from his home in Alberta Buildings one of the condemned tenement blocks and subsequent neglect in St Marks, the former Mile End worfh.

T Television dramas cannot compare with the suffering and terrible grief occurring in the East End of London for close to od hundred years.

Not quite as gripping as the first book in the series, but still an excellent read. I thoroughly enjoyed “Call the Midwife” and started this follow up to it with great expectations. As in Call the Midwife, there is a lot of background information about th This ov the second book by Jennifer Worth about her time as a midwife in London’s East End during the s.


See 2 questions about Shadows of the Workhouse…. These stories are poignant and will bring a tear to your eyes. Yesterday my attention was drawn to a notice that the BBC will broadcast a second series in January Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Description A fascinating slice of East End life, from the No. It was in the course of this work in Poplar and the Isle of Dogs, work which was as much general District Nursing as it was midwifery, that she met and befriended the people whose stories she shares with us in this book.

Both books tie in closly with the wonderful BBC series, Call the Midwife, and are a very worthwhile read about our more recent history; I’m looking forward to reading the next one.

Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth

When I started reading this one I really wasn’t sbadows about it. Learned more about the workhouse system and Sister Monica Joan. Her memoirs of living and working as a nurse and midwife in the East of London in the ‘s are some of the best books I’ve read in a long time.