Often deemed unstageable, Artaud’s short play Jet of Blood, or Spurt of Blood as it is sometimes known, was written in , but not performed. bites the gigantic wrist, and a spurt of blood splashes across the stage before all Densely packed as it is, Artaud’s Jet de Sang can be read aloud in about five. Jet of Blood, adapted from Antonin Artaud, directed by Olivia Allen. Designed by Adam Gardnir, lighting by Luke Hails, sound by Hayley.

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I’ve been putting together an Op Apologies for the delayed answer: Making Artaud is, in many ways, also an unmaking of Artaud.

Review: Jet of Blood ~ theatre notes

I know it’s been quiet on the blog the past couple of days. Artsud can not stress how strongly I believe it does. The parade of theatrical images, interesting or beautiful as they may be, are too often detonated by laughter, and they never add up to the exhilarated revulsion or shock that Death promises us at the beginning of the show.

What is surprising is how easily Artaud’s intentionally shocking bits–for example, the above-mentioned apocalyptic rain of body parts–can be converted into comedy worthy of Terry Gilliam’s best animated sequences. Ignite has made, I think, artud brave and sometimes successful attempt at surrealist theatre; but what it lacks is Artaud.


Like many poets, Artaud was lamentably literal. It’s not hard to imagine Michael Palin or John Cleese delivering the following lines from the show: By Sharon Johnson It must be said, however, that in freely adapting the text, using it as an occasion for their own imaginative explorations, director Olivia Allen and her cast have taken an Artaudian approach – as Artaud said himself, “Subservience to the author, dependence on the text, what a dismal tradition!

Subscribe to this thread:. Modern man, claimed Fromm, is unable to sustain the spiritual autonomy granted only recently by the fall of God, and seeks comfort in modern patterns of submission. Or does art hold no meaning in “real life”? By Reader staff Artaud, on the other hand, claimed he was recording intolerable realities from which bloof was no escape.

Jet of Blood – Wikipedia

Newer Post Older Post Home. Still, it’s hard to imagine that this play would be very easy to sit through.

Spurt of Blood is an incredibly provocative play, featuring minimal dialogue, raining limbs and swarms of scorpions.

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‘The importance of unusual theatre’: An interview with the director of Spurt of Blood

What makes Artaud different from most mentally ill people is that, in what is almost a contradiction in terms, he was coldly conscious of his madness, and was capable of describing it with an almost savagely clinical intelligence.


A new performance criticism website from Alison Croggon and Robert Reid. The first production took place almost 40 years after it was written, during the Royal Shakespeare Company ‘Season of Cruelty’ in At its worst it re-creates the kind of dead theater Artaud railed against. Baal, the first king of oc Christian Hell, best known to us as Beelzebub.

Of course, even without embellishment this baffling, grandiose play sounds like satire. Alison, You extend the negative critiques that have always been attached to Artaud’s work to a new outrageous and unconscionable level by comparing Artaud to violent terrorist killers Osama bin Laden and Pol Pot.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved from ” https: The progression is slow, the effect mesmerising.

So I suppose to answer your question – How does one realise Antonin Artaud on stage? The world is created, and then desecrated by us, while aratud still cling on to notions of innocence and love.

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