JIS G 3521 PDF

JIS G 3521 PDF

JIS G Carbon Spring Steel Wire Consistent Reliable tensile and Excellent Surface Finish. Description. GUANGHUA – High Carbon Spring Expert. Wires for . Product Name. JIS G High Tensile Strength Galvanized Steel Wire Price. Standard. DIN , EN, JIS G , JIS G , JIS G 16 products offers 16 jis g swc high tensile spring steel wire products. About % of these are steel wire. A wide variety of jis g swc high.

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Tensile strength is same as that of SW-A. C is resistant to hydrogen brittleness by high tempture heating in reducing atmosphere. It is suitable for applicatons that require seawater resistance. This stipulation is for stainless steel wire and heat resistent steel wire that include Chrome more than Silicon chrome steel oil temper wire for spring. Copper, brass, phosphor bronze, albata, etc.

The influence to surface jsi is a little and the attack of FD-3 to metal surface is a little even if the metal has treated by FD-3 for a long time. For electric parts, chemical industry parts, etc. And springs from this material have equal fatigue strength and anti-distortion ability to AISI As a conclusion, it reduces the cost of the product for VA proposal.

This jiz tempered wire have excellent properties as spring material, and is used as various springs for the automobile such as the valve springs of the engine, 33521 clutch springs, the transmission springs, and the suspension springs. Wire drawing is conducted his excellent wire and special heat process to create spring wire with toughness and 35211. The free element is remarkable for its robustness, especially the fact that it has the highest melting point of all the non-alloyed metals and the second highest of all the elements after carbon.


The demand has been increasing for the purpose of down-sizing. However, when looking closely at the phenomenon, a thin oxide membrance is being formed on the surface. Hard drawn wire of 60C and 80C. Special delta coating on a hard drawn wire with high wire drawing technique.

jis g 3521 swc high tensile spring steel wire

Carbon steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plated material, etc. Degreasing cleaning agent for water-soluble inorganic film, lubricant, oil, mineral oil, and finishing wipe after removing ink, etc.

Tin-coated soft copper jix is flat coated tin wire.

Additionally, extra-fine technique also enabled to provide extra-fine springs for deformed wires. It has high anti-corrosion resistance. Contact For Free Shipping. This type can provide the highest quenching hardness among all stainless steel. Pure titanium, titanium and other kinds of titanium alloys, monel, inconel, hastelloy, stainless steel, etc. SP wire is developed by Suzuki as super precision electrode t.

This is a grade of steel jie cold-working harenability is controlled at a low level by reducing the carbon content through the addition of copper to 18Cr-8Ni steel, and is widely used for cold-heading. High strength phosphor bronze wires. Used for automobile and leisure.


Stainless steel is an alloy steel that consist of iron and chrome or iron, chrome, and nickel.

China JIS G Medium Carbon Steel Wire – China Wire, Black Steel Wire

This material has the lowest permeability among all of stainless steel for wire and its permeability is nearly same as phospher bronze. This is Suzuki’s original wire.

Piano wire, SWP, has been conducted nickel-coating and wire drawing. Wire has gloss surface and very stable anti-errosion. Available size above may deffer depends on material. Carbon steel oil tempered wire B for spring. Generally, it is 80C. Hard drawn steel wire A. All kinds of stainless steel, Aluminum and aluminum alloy, pure copper and copper alloy, carbon steel, etc.

Application is for nuclear plant, air carrier part and electrical parts and so on. Used for automobile, medical, leisure. Martensite series stainless steels, cast iron, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.

JIS G High Carbon Spring Steel Wire rod Consistent Reliable tensile

Therefore, it becomes necessary to select the right application suitable for kis properties. Generally, we call stainless steel as a perspective from anti-heat and anti-errosion. Although the surface of copper-coated wire becomes discolored, it endures 96 hours salt spray test against base material.

Descaling agent for copper. Cleaning agent for special processing film, cleaning agent for oxalate film.