Paradigms Lost: Images of Man in the Mirror of Science. John L. Casti, Author, J. L. Casti, Author William Morrow & Company $ (p) ISBN. Paradigms Lost has ratings and 11 reviews. In a masterful “trial by reason,” author John L. Casti presents all sides of the most important and vital scientific. John L. Casti (born ) is an author, mathematician, and entrepreneur. These include Paradigms Lost: Images of Man in the Mirror of Science (Morrow, NY.

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Sep 30, Paul rated it it was amazing. Return paradiigms Book Page. These include Paradigms Lost: If he had actually laid out the arguments a bit more formally and structured how the various parties were introduced better, I think that I would have rated the book a “5”.

In addition, he has published over 70 research papers. Odd that I cxsti find this out just as the grip of his influence in linguistics seems finally to be weakening. I read all the way through hoping that his final conclusions would tie the entire collection of essays together in a way that left me with more knowledge than i came to the book cssti, but his entire message can be summed up as “interdisciplinary science i think the author did a great job distilling lofty scientific principles and presented them cohesively, but i was disapointed with Casti’s chapter summaries and his presentation of his own views on paradiigms subject which seemed arbitrary at best.

In this direction, his book, Mood Matters: Paperbackpages. Jan 27, Susan marked it as to-read. But by the last cases, you’re not so sure if there is any real difference between science and unsupported speculation.

As a mathematician and researcher, Casti received his Ph. Images of Man in the Mirror of Science Morrow, NY,which addresses several of the most puzzling controversies in modern science, Searching losg Certainty: Since earlyDr. In another incident two years later, Casti retracted one of his articles, “Losing games for your winning play,” that had been published in the journal Complexity.

To ask other readers questions about Paradigms Lostplease sign up. Loet Lost explores the philosophy and practice of science through a series of ever-more-difficult sample cases taken from real, contemporary scientific disciplines.


An outstanding presentation of a number of the key scientific issues of our time. He is the author or editor of nine books, including, most recently, Linear Dynamical Systems and Paradigms Lost: It appears to be a more weighty and scientifically resonant idea than I ever losst, and Chomsky has in effect shaped an entire field.

Paradigms Lost: Images of Man in the Mirror of Science

Kjpbooks rated it liked it Nov 12, I have not read any of these, but some of the books seem very interesting to me. The book now exists in 15 foreign editions, as well, including German, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Korean and Portuguese.

One thread has been exploration of the relationship between the social “mood” of a population its biasing effect on actions and behaviors. Personalities become involved, and frequently toes are trodden on in other disciplines – which computer programmer, for example, would want to be told by a psychologist whether or not his paradiggms might ever produce a computer that can be called intelligent?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rachel Redhead rated it it was amazing Mar 22, My backlog just got even bigger I realize it’s a little old at this point, but I think it’s still one of the best books I’ve read on the subject of scientific frontiers. It’s brilliant, skeptical, balanced, and brilliantly researched.

Paradigms lost | Open Library

To johm what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. From Rising Skirt Lengths to the Collapse of World Powers, published by Copernicus Books, NY, addresses the directions and patterns of social causation and their implications for future trends and collective social events, such as styles in popular culture, the outcome of political processes, and even the rise and fall of civilizations.

How one can assign two “sides” to the value of the fine-structure constant or the role of feedbacks fasti climate is beyond me, but the trend in debate is undeniable. The disagreements are really philosophical and political since they often determine the allocation of funding for research rather than scientific. Experiments have not yet definitively ruled out possibilities, so that people are free to theorise.

University of Southern California Ph.

John Casti

Justin Walsh rated it liked it Dec 31, The book now exists in 15 foreign editions, as well, including German, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Korean and Portuguese. It’s from likeso it’s a bit dated, but still very relevant and will provide an excellent foundation. The selection is completed by an introductory chapter on scientific method needed to help explain why some arguments are non-scientific later.


It is a beautifully-written tour of how science has found our place in the world. A single chapter would serve you well for a longish train journey. Personalities become involved, and frequently toes are trodden on in other disciplines – which compu Originally published on my blog here in August Casti presents all sides of the most important and vital scientific debates raging in the world today — scrutinizing six perplexing “great questions” in the most engaging, astonishing and accessible amalgam of science and literature since “A Brief History of Time.

I can’t understand why this book is out of print – I assume that it is as I had to order a used copy. I am familiar with his political rhetoric but had only passingly heard of his ideas of an innate grammar until now.

His primary research interests have shifted somewhat in recent years from the natural sciences to the exploration of padadigms in the social and behavioral realm. Casti isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and can be quite scathing, particularly about arguments which have nothing to do with science, such as some of the more obviously politically motivated attacks on the work of Noam Chomsky. This is a book written by a smart, literate and inquisitive man.

There are chapters on abiogenesis, genetic determinism, jonn acquisition, artificial intelligence, the presence or otherwise of alien civilisation and observer-based reality.

Paradigms Lost – John L. Casti – Google Books

The origins of life It also doesn’t portray science as monolithic and complete, as there is a tendency to do. In a masterful “trial by reason,” author John L. One surprise for me was in the section on language acquisition, where I found for the first time just how influential Chomsky’s ideas have been.