Captain John Smith (–) Admiral of New England was an English soldier, sailor, and author. He is remembered for his role in. Smith as Unreliable Narrator in The General History of Virginia While John Smith did many things for the. In chapter 1, book 3 of The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles, published in , Captain John Smith describes.

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And for him at that time to find in the South Sea a mine of gold or any of them sent by Sir Walter Raleigh: In Mevis, Monaand the Virgin Isles, we spent some time, where, with a lothsome beast like a Crocodil, called a Gwayn, Tortoises, Pellicans, Parrots, and fishes, we daily feasted.

Strange were these pleasures to their conditions; yet lodging, eating and drinking, working or playing, they [were] but doing as the President did himself.

Transcription from Original

M generaall George Percie Anthony Gosnoll. But seeing by trade and courtesy there was nothing to be had, he made bold to try such conclusions as necessity enforced, though contrary to his commission.

They in the canoes let fly also as fast, but amongst them we bestowed so many shot [that] the most of them leaped over board and swam ashore; but hisotrie or three escaped by rowing. Some idle exceptions being muttered against Captain Smith for not discovering the head of Chickahominy River and [being] taxed by the Council to be too slow in so worthy an attempt, the next voyage [in December] he proceeded so far that with much labor by cutting trees in sunder he made his passage, but when his barge could pass no farther, he left her in a broad bay out of danger of shot, commanding none should go historje till his return.

The Salvages often visited vs kindly. And in diverse places that abundance, of fish lying so thick with their heads above the water [that] as for want of nets virgimia barge driving among them we attempted to catch them with a frying pan, but we found it a bad instrument to catch fish with. As for your fears that I will lose myself in these unknown large waters or be swallowed up in some stormy gust, abandon these childish fears, for worse than is passed is not likely to happen. The simple savages seeing our captain hurt and another bloody by breaking his skin, our numbers of bows, arrows, swords, mantles, and furs would needs imagine we had been at wars.

Presently from each side the river came arrows so fast as two or three hundred could shoot them, whereat we returned to get the open. I confess they daily make good cheer, but our diet is a little meal and water and not sufficient of that.

Ashore we went and where they wrought we threw diverse toys and so departed.

Sixty or seventy of them, some black, some red, some white, some parti-colored came in a square order, singing and dancing out of the woods, with their Okee which was an idol made of skins, stuffed with moss, all painted and hung with chains and copper borne before them. To This Present Digging the ground above in the highest cliffs of rocks, we saw it was a clay sand so mingled with yellow spangles as if it had been half pin-dust.

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And this having fried some 26 weeks in the ship’s hold contained as many worms as grains, so that we might truly call it rather so much bran than corn.

And now, where some, affirmed it was ill done of the Council to send forth men so badly provided, this incontradictable reason will show them plainly they are too ill advised to nourish such ill conceits.

The rest seeing the President’s projects to escape these miseries in our pinnace by flight who all this time had neither felt want nor sickness so moved our dead spirits that we deposed him and established Ratcliffe in his place Gosnold being deadKendall deposed. This gave us cause to provide for the worst. M r Robert Hunt Preacher. By [the time] that we had sailed six or seven miles we saw two or three little garden plots with their houses, the shores overgrown with the greatest pine and fir trees we ever saw in the country.

Further, he had never visited Bermuda, which had been separated from Virginia to be managed by the Somers Generqll Company formed in by the shareholders of the Virginia Company. To express all our quarrels, treacheries, and encounters amongst those savages I should be too tedious. These funds will continue to support our work of providing free access to authoritative content about Virginia’s history and culture. And at a little Isle called Monicawe tooke from the bushes with our hands, neare two hogshheads full of Birds in three or foure houres.

Captain Ratcliffe is now called Sicklemore, a poor counterfeited imposture. Captain Newport we much suspect to be the author of those inventions. But the axes so oft blistered their tender fingers that many times every third blow had a loud oath to drown the echo.

These being in an open barge near three tons burden, leaving the Phoenix at Cape Henry, they crossed the Bay to the eastern shore and fell with the isles called Smith’s Isles, after our captain’s name. But it chanced our captain taking a fish from his sword not vvirginia her condition being much of the fashion of a thornback fenerall a long tail like a riding rod, whereon the middest is a most poisoned sting of two or three inches long, bearded like a saw on each side, which she struck into the wrist of his arm near an inch and a half.

Thus God unboundless by his power, Made them thus kind, would us devour. Though I be no scholar I am past a schoolboy, and I desire but to know what either you and these here do know but that I have learned to tell you by the continual hazard of my life. The prodigality of the President’s state went so deepe into our small store, geerall Smith and Scrivener tied him and his Parasites to the rules of proportion.

Leaving the boat, with six shot and diverse savages he marched seven or eight miles before they came to the mine. Thus if you please to consider this account and of the unnecessary wages to Captain Newport or his ships so long lingering and staying here for notwithstanding his boasting to leave us victuals for twelve months, though we had eighty-nine by this discovery lame and sick and but a pint of corn a day for a man, we were constrained to give him three hogsheads of that to victual him homeward or yet [not] to send into Germany or Poland for glassmen and the rest till we be able to sustain ourselves and relieve them.


The others being come, desired us also to go but a little higher to see their houses. This river, but only at the entrance, is very narrow, and the people of small stature as them of Wighcocomoco; the land but low, yet it may prove very commodious because it is but a ridge of land betwixt the Bay and the main ocean.

This rumor went faster up the river than our barge, that arrived at Warraskoyack the 20th of July, where trimming her benerall painted streamers and such devices as we could we made them at Jamestown jealous of [suspicious of being] a Spanish frigate, where we all, God be thanked, safely arrived the 21st of July.

But arriving at Chickahominy, that dogged nation was too well acquainted with our wants, refusing to trade with as much scorn and insolence as they could express. At last on the western shore we saw large cornfields; in the midst [of the river] a little isle, and in it was an abundance of corn. Also to search what furs the best whereof is at Kuskarawaok, where is made so much roanoke [shells] or white beads that occasion as much dissension among the savages as gold and silver among Christians.

This done, seeing the savages’ superfluity begin to decrease with some of the workmen shipped himself in the shallop to search the country for trade. But our President would never have been admitted, for engrossing to his private [use] oatmeal, sack, oil, aquavitae, beef, eggs, or what not, but the [common] kettle. In Junethe London Company was granted a charter for a section of the continent south of that given to the Plymouth Company. Many bravadoes they made, but to appease their fury our captain prepared with as seeming a willingness as they to encounter them.

Captain John Smith, The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England & the Summer Isles ()

Some small cod also we did see swim close by the shore by Smith’s Isles, and some as high as Rickard’s Cliffs. The soldiers say many of your officers maintain their families out of that you send us, and that Newport hath a hundred pounds a year for carrying news. I fear they will be the confusion of us all ere we hear from you again. To effect this, was spent another yeare, and by that, three ships were provided, one of Tuns, another of They were not sparing of their arrows, nor [of] the greatest passion they could express of their anger.

The second of JuneSmith left the fort to perform his discovery with this company [Six gentlemen and Seven soldiers, and One doctor]. This time they were become so perfect on all sides I mean the soldiers, sailors, and savages as there was ten times more car to maintain their damnable and private trade than to provide for the colony things that were necessary. Divided Into Sixe Bookes.