Thirty years of teaching in the public school system led John Taylor Gatto to the sad conclusion that compulsory governmental schooling is to blame. 49 quotes from Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling: ‘I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my thirty years of teaching: sch. 95 quotes from John Taylor Gatto: ‘When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.’, ‘I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my thirty.

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Dumbing Us Down Quotes Showing of Now we have been rendered permanent children. The Compulsory Curriculum and Beyond: He knew I could learn this relatively simple skill on my own. Why Schools Don’t Educate. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

History of Western Philosophy. The experiences that produce it and the self-awareness that propels it are nearly free. Bells inoculate each undertaking with significance. Certainly not to be trusted. Our type of schooling has deliberately concealed the fact that such a question must be framed and not taken for granted if anything beyond a mockery of democracy is to be nurtured.

Years of bells will condition all but the strongest to a world that can no longer offer important work to do. Even then, philosophers saw clearly the inevitable direction the professionalization of teaching would take, that of pre-empting the teaching function, which, in a healthy community, belongs to everyone.

tayylor Request removal from index. Bells destroy the past and future, rendering every interval the same as any other, as the abstraction of a map renders every living mountain and river the same, even though they are not. A Different Kind of Teacher ratings.


People need to be told what they are worth. It was resisted — sometimes with guns — by an estimated eighty percent of the Massachusetts population, the last outpost in Barnstable on Cape Cod not surrendering its children until dumbong s, when the area was seized by militia and children marched to school under guard.

Be the first to learn about new releases! Unfortunately, our school did not allow that dialogue to happen, except for a few teachers who had the courage to engage the students. Sign in to use this feature. But schooling is a wonderful hustle, getting sharper all the time.

Dumbing Us Down Quotes by John Taylor Gatto

The Paradox of the Excluded Child. Two Overlapping Perspectives, 2: Macmillan – forthcoming – Philosophy of Education.

Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. Solving the Crisis of American Schooling. We suppress genius because we haven’t yet figured out how to manage a population of educated men and women. The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders.

Gatto basically told them that they were not serving kids well and that students needed to be told the truth, be given real-life learning experiences, and be responsible for their own education. Surely not so a few of them can get rich? The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling.

A Reply to Peter Gardner. I teach school and win awards doing it. In his opinion, few people opposing Gatto had seen the video presentation. Rocha – – Studies in Philosophy and Education 32 6: Weapons of Mass Instruction 1, ratings.

Why, then, are we locking kids up in an involuntary network with strangers for twelve years? Although teachers to care and do work very, very hard, the institution is psychopathic — it has no conscience.


Dumbing Us Down

I learned it through apprenticeship with him. Henderson – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 42 fown But retired student counselor Paul Jankiewicz begged to differ, pointing out that none of the dozens of students he talked to afterwards were inspired to violence.

And how to submit with a show of enthusiasm to the judgment of strangers, even if they are wrong, even if your enthusiasm is phony. Tqylor Gordon – – Journal of Moral Education 10 1: Bells are the secret logic of school time; their logic is inexorable. Although teachers to care and do work very, very hard, the institution is psychopathic — it has no conscience.

All Quotes Add A Quote. A Rejoinder to John White. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. John Kleinig – – Journal of Philosophy of Education 15 2: Macmillan – forthcoming – Philosophy of Education: Peter Gardner – – Journal jonn Philosophy of Education 21 2: Why the Hidden Taylof is Hidden. This is a great mystery to me because thousands of humane, caring people work in schools as teachers and aides and administrators, but the abstract logic of the institution overwhelms their individual contributions.