Art Bell (Post2Post) Posts: (Part One). 04/original-john-titor-posts-post2post-art-bell-forum-part-1/. Found Titor Original Chat Log The Link: Found on its the only forum that gives this whole john titor thing a serious thought. Fifteen years ago, on March 24, , the individual posting as John Titor left his final message on the Post2Post Art Bell forum, leaving behind.

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Physics has a way of making the impossible a reality. Although this will make me a far less interesting time traveler, these are the rules I personally try to hold to:. There is also far less smog and industrial waste in But there was something about Somewhere In Time that felt real to me. And he met some girl there, they got married and now you get to visit them once every year in LAs Vegas?

You have challenged John Titor into revealing specific answers which you claim to have current knowledge of.

The information is provided without official commentary of any type.

I will not disclose any information that will cause someone to personally gain by its knowledge. Do I send it to the project lead or what????

I keep a radiation detector with me to check my environment and make sure the unit isn’t “leaking”. The heavy EMP damage was isolated to those areas.

Its called VGL, variable gravity lock. At this point I have no concrete reason to disbelieve anything you say save for standard skepticism. Its not very different than it is rorum.

Did you ever notice how time travlers never specify events that happen in the NEAR future? I fail to understand why my words generate so much conflict.

John Titor Archive: Interview with a time traveler (page 1 of 19), page 1

Thinking about it now I sort of wonder what it would be like to be a teenager now and know the answer to that question. Certain types of black holes also exhibit ittor “time travel” abilities of Tipler cylinders. It weighs about pounds and gets quite hot.


John, A couple of questions 1. Do you live in a racist society?

Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 1

His parents were not the most educated tools in the shed. I’ve already provided some info to ktprktpr, in which he’s incorporated into his database. Given our motto of “deny ignorance” should we ignore this phenomenon or embrace it and show the world its flaws? However, if I had an opportunity to talk to a time traveler, I might ask questions like: PBS ran the Jazz series firum few weeks ago. Your deductions are quite accurate. Will you do it?

I have a hard time believing that time travel, if possible and if it will be done, would be done in such a lax way. Now I just read where he said he could get back to his own worldline, but I know I didn’t read that when I originally saw the John Titor archive Agentq3 Blessed Titog in your travels!

In fact, regardless of your background you should have a basic understanding of physics. No, money firum pretty much the same.

Rest assured that I want to believe you, but why should I believe? I thought the idea here was to have constructive dialogue. I must say that I am impressed tktor to how calm you foruum, then again, that only helps to make you even more believable.

The ironic thing is that the same people control the world in that timeline as in this one–the Illuminati, who were really behind the American and Nazi governments all along. John wants to remain anon but posts numerous posts to this board and at least jon others where he expounds on, among other things, the functioning and design of the TT machine.

Originally posted by Shoktek 1 He claimed that he could never really return to his own worldline, so if this is the case, why would they have sent him in the first place? Now, I’m not trying to say that JT is real, just that the arguments used to ‘debunk’ often don’t actually do that.


I mean anyone could get your ip, with a few connections find your address and locate you. John is there anything you can let us know about the future? They do not know where I am and I can not communicate with them. The last time I looked participation here was discretionary. It involved a bunch of people who, if I remember correctly, were the ones who talked to “John Titor” and sent emails and letters and stuff.

The mere chance of a severe dominoe effect would, I believe, limit time travel on a very strict and limited manner, if it is allowed at all! As for the printing technology inyou may be surprised at how many people use typewriters however I agree the documents were probably not created that way.

What you really want me to do is finish your explanation or I will be an imposter. I have very, very clear memories of things when I was 3 and even my mom when she was alive was amazed at the things I could recall from such a young age. Now as a technician, that IS interesting but of the apparent 3, the director sent out…. A hoax or not?

The same math works for both. Seemingly you can go back in time to commit the murder if you are born but then you would never have forun born. If you really want to prove your case then meet up with your younger self and get some police evidence.