In this extensive work, John Yarker attempts to trace the history of Masonry and Masonic rites through history, proving its legitimacy through seniority and the. Buy THE ARCANE SCHOOLS OF FREEMASONRY by JOHN YARKER (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details. JOHN YARKER. THE ARCANE SCHOOLS. J YARKER. P.M., P.Z., , P.P., etc., Past Senior Grand Warden of Greece; Hon. Grand Master.

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Akmon is also an anvil, which means a meteorolite, from which iron was first jonh, for in Greek Sideros is iron and related to the Latin Sidus, a star. In schols face of the varied authorities we have quoted it is not possible to come to any other conclusion than that the Cyclops were the primitive builders and workers in metals, and that their descendants the Cabiri were until we approach Christian times a religious and operative brotherhood which then became entirely speculative.

He is with you in the house of Osiris, He sees as you see, hears as you hear, He stands as you stand, sits as you sit, O!

John Yarker – US Grand Lodge

Paul Fadoju marked it as to-read Aug 20, It was in these prehistoric times that the symbols of the two creative forces of nature developed, represented by crux-ansata, lithoi, or lingam, and the vesica piscis, or yoni. There is a somewhat remarkable Assyrian confirmation of the antiquity of the Masonic system of consecration to be found in the inscriptions.

It has a triangular arch constructed by the overlapping of large stones, in which the three sons of Can are symbolised; by taking in the sides we have five to include the two sister; and adding the ends we have seven or the whole family; numbers which are sacred both in Central America and in the East. They seem first to have been of the Negro or Hamitic type with a polytheistic creed, they saw God in all nature and in all forms.

At an early age, he and his family relocated to Lancashire then Manchester, where he would live out the rest of his life. This is the tradition of the Mysteries.

Jonn became yarkeg prolific writer of books, along with articles, notices and letters to Masonic—and, as we shall see, occult—journals. He was also an early contributor to The Theosophist.

It is found in India in the most ancient cave of Elephanta, and is equally an emblem in central America. The late Doctor Walker Arnott asserted that none wchools comprehend Masonic ritual without a full knowledge of Hebrew astronomy. It is further stated that the country had temples of black and white stones, decorated within and without with precious metals. Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement.

Like many of his colleagues, Yarker was also interested in occultism. In some of the papyrus MSS. Next follows the great pyramid of Ghizeh, which has been termed a stone bible, the Masons might call it that wonderful religious, scientific, and astronomical Tracing-board.


In analogy with this sacred number seven, the tower of Babel had seven stories, and Herodotus informs us that Ecbatana in Media was guarded by seven concentric walls, each of which, as were the stories of Babel, was painted to represent one of the seven spheres or planets. We have no certain information in regard to the departure of colonies from their parent home, but no doubt the causes were various.

The author is more skeptical than most, and there is a distinct flavor of Frazier in the style of presentation. Michaelet says that it is wonderful the analogy which the names of the gods of Ireland — Axire, Axceavis, Coismaoil, Cabir, bear to the Cabiri.

The Arcane Schools by John Yarker

Moreover the archaic tablets of Thibet have mystical allusions in consonance with the Mysteries, but we will allude to these in a later chapter. Toggle navigation US Grand Lodge.

One of their ceremonies is practised at the winter solstice, and it is a funereal ceremony resembling that in honour of Osiris, Bacchus and Adonis. During the whole period that scholos have named the yarket positions of the State were open to intellect, and the humblest man might aspire to become a General, a Court Architect, or a royal Scribe: It would next be noted that the seven stars of the Great Bear makes a complete turn round in days or thereabouts.

John Yarker – Arcane School

Hives of bees were preserved in the temple, and the interior cavern or Sanctuary contained a pyramidical chamber as its most sacred place. It is necessary to say that in dealing with the chronology of the ancients we have no certain era which enables us to give dates with the least precision. At some remote period races of conquering Cushites from Ethiopia, followed by Semites, settled in Elam, had planted themselves in Babylon.

The highest development of Egyptian civilisation was during the patriarchal times extending from the 4th to the 12th dynasty, say from 7, to 2, B.

John Yarker

Every trade in Japan has a Guild, and they are said to have been derived from China, by way of Korea, 3, years ago. Take the following as numerals I, II or V. William Oxleys work on Egypt, changed with the progress of the sun mohn the signs of the zodiac, an assertion confirmed by much evidence.

It was in fact the worship of the sun s vital rays as the source of all vital life, power and force. Trivia About The Arcane Schools. The natural wants had now come to be provided for; the Arts and Sciences were schoools It is singular that the Mayaux legends or Mythology should contain so much in common with Egypt, Asia, and India.

The account may be veritable history, as Le Plongeon maintains that it is, but it is possible that the author may have mistaken for history a still older mythology carried from Atlantis to Pucatan. There are certain intellects which lack intuition and the ability to take in and assimilate abstruse truths, just as much as there are people who are colour-blind, or deaf to the more delicate notes of music; this was well known to the ancient theologians and mystics, and the reasons which they assigned for the mental incapacity will appear in the following arcne.


Want to Read saving…. Dec 23, Barry rated it liked it. It was a perfect square of seven arfane or stages, feet at base, each way, the four corners facing the Cardinal points, and the seven stages occupying a height of feet, the highest of all was a perfect cube and the Sanctuary of the God.

Herodotus says that Samothrace had these Mysteries from the Yarkker, and that they taught the initiated by a sacred tradition, why the figure of Hermes, Mercury, or Casmillus was constructed in a peculiar manner, from which we gather that they used Phallic symbols as emblems of the generative powers of nature; and this historian, who wrote B.

Assyria, civilised from Babylon, rose into power, though its precise beginning has not been traced. From all this it is argued, with much soundness, that the first kings were both priests and architects, or the Grand Masters of these, and of the class of Cabiri who were first workers in stone and brick, and afterwards in metals, and that they transmitted a traditional doctrine of the temple, based upon cosmogony and the creation of the world.

Plutarch quotes Anticlides as affirming that Isis was the daughter of Prometheus, who as a revelator of arts was a Cabir, and wife to Dionysos or Bacchus, and Dionysius Halicarnassus says that Atlas left his habitation on Mount Caucasus and became King of Arcadia. Cushing has recently obtained admission after undergoing severe bodily trials. Aristotle asserts that this Magian pontificate was more ancient than the foundation of Egypt; and Plato, who had an exalted opinion of the purity of its doctrines, confirms this antiquity.

This doctrine allows for the existence in extreme antiquity of a sunken continent in the Pacific ocean, of which the present islands are mountain tops, and in the Atlantic ocean of seven islands, the last of which sank beneath the waters about the period which we have assigned for a great cataclysm, or 12, years ago.

Other changes of the symbolism succeeded and we have the seven gods applied to so many spheres, or to the planets, and finally anthropomorphised into seven gods of arts.

By way of closing this chapter it may be pointed out that we have first a series of Mysteries, which amongst people who, living in hot climates, had little need of art, and confined themselves rather to speculative views of the creation of the world and the relations that exist between heaven and earth. Yarkre more about ebook formats and e-readers.