Cover for Thoughts on Interaction Design. Thoughts on Interaction Design. Book • Authors: Jon Kolko. Browse book content. About the book. Search in this. Thoughts on Interaction Design has ratings and 21 reviews. Kars said: More like a pep-talk for interaction designers. It’s a good book for those in d. I am a fan of Jon Kolko’s writing. He has written articles in several editions of ACM Interactions magazine. I didn’t know he has written an.

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If you want a book that makes you feel UX is important, this is a good one. Jul 06, Minah rated it really liked it.

This is a must read for anyone working in the Design industry. And why they exist. I understand that you had dinner Steve Baty recently?

The crux of that distinction is interaction design. Yhoughts not used to reading books with two columns on the page and that made it harder for me to stay involved in the book.

Mostly threw monologue which is unfortunate, I think when we look at a lot of big companies mostly the fortune but kolio lot of other companies produce and position their products, really in a. I especially liked the authors aspirations for lolko IxD can be applied to everything from designing beautiful technology interfaces to designing social innovation. Books by Jon Kolko.

Nice glossary of terms. Annika rated it liked it Jun 26, Innovators come in two varieties: It does define UX, IA and other forms of interaction design. Is happy the same as seductive? Ultimately, the text exists to provide a definition that encompasses the intellectual facets of the field, the conceptual underpinnings of interaction design as a legitimate human-centered field, and the particular methods used by practitioners in their day to day experiences.

Radio Johnny: Jon Kolko’s Thoughts on Interaction Design

The book helps explain what is interaction design and the misunderstanding about the field. The Role of Intuition in IxD. Quotes from Thoughts on Inter Interaction Designers—whether practicing as Usability Engineers, Visual Interface Designers, or Information Architects—attempt edsign understand and shape human behavior in order to design products that are at once usable, useful, and desirable.


I don’t want to know what interaction design is, I want to figure out how to become better at it.

Book Review: Thoughts on Interaction Design, by Jon Kolko – Core77

For a non-designer this is a really good book. Please enter your interacttion and we will send an email to reset your password. In boxes of forty four up and down the stairs we went.

Both fields are interested in human behaviour, both care about brand and presentation and understand the value of in human experience with products. It provides a framework upon which to build intellectual discourse, and it substantiates the rigorous and unique nature of interaction design work. And the short now, sure of course you can afford not to have it. I read this book to get an idea of the interaction design industry.

So I guess I have a ridiculously lofty question for you. Jon brings together disparate fields of study and kolmo to create a holistic approach to DESIGN whatever flavor you wantghoughts guest essay by Ellen Beldner is hilarious, personal, enraging, and edgey. Do you see it being a major player in the design world helping people move forward? And to some degree, those are the poetic parts of life. Don’t have an account?

Shane C rated it it was amazing Nov 29, I’m big fan of Jon Kolko’s desin synthesis methodology as he describes them in various talks online, and in the Exposing the magic of design. This book had some new insights for me on how to think of interaction design as more than ko,ko usability. That in itself is frustrating, because you find yourself constantly having to switch “hats” and perspectives, but not in a way that makes you explore an issue deeper, but rather, just struggling to understand what the point is.


More like a pep-talk for interaction designers. Ojn inthe Interaction Design Association Conference brings together practitioners interested in all things around interaction design. Justyan rated it liked it Apr 27, I just presumed that products appeared through spontaneous generation. And you were talking in your book on ethics and morals and morality and how these things have an interdict role to play because ultimately what we value or what we see as ethical or appropriate or the appropriate process to follow either in a business or a ddesign context; that may be entirely different than what people expect or demand in a place like.

Or using a visual equivalent of shouting threw my bright colours and new, improved, more features, things like that.

One is this degree of honesty and integrity and in a physical product that is manifests on the quality of the material selection. Cool, colour in the wireframes. Although the value of design kn now recognized as essential to product development, the field is often misunderstood by managers and Interaction Designers—whether practicing as Usability Engineers, Visual Interface Designers, desin Information Architects—attempt to understand and shape human behavior in order to design products that are at once usable, useful, and desirable.

I find that it makes one of the most compelling cases for Interaction Design because it links the technical and the personal. Jon, again we could talk about this till the end of time.

The gulfs between consumers, designers, engineers and corporate executives are all far too wide.