Gesetz über die juristischen Prüfungen und den juristischen Vorbereitungsdienst (Juristenausbildungsgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen – JAG NRW) of Gesetz ueber die juristischen Pruefungen und den juristischen Vorbereitungsdienst (Juristenausbildungsgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen – JAG NRW) of Related Forms – NRW. REGISTRATION FORM BULLETIN DINSCRIPTION EINSCHREIBEFORMULAR Participan: REGISTRATION FORM BULLETIN.

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On other occasions, the opinion will be a positive one, but will be accompanied by the wish that next time another valid candidate is not forgotten or neglected. Kommentar zu den Zivilprozessgesetzen, 2.

Plurality has a two-fold dimension. Furthermore the empirical analysis of who does what and how in performing those functions in the various judicial systems the Ministry of justice, the judicial councils, elected representatives of the judiciary, the judicial hierarchy, etc. In the so-called ordinary courts, junior judges would, as a rule, be assigned to a panel of three judges at a regional court Landgericht which would enable them to share the responsibility of decision-making with the colleagues of the panel and at the same time gain experience by observing their work.

On retirement, the majority of judges will have reached at least the first level of promotion only about 5 percent a higher level. A special labour and social tribunal “Arbeits- und Sozialgericht” acts as a court of first instance in Vienna in disputes arising from labour relations and certain branches of the social insurance system. Recruitment and training are the same for both categories. Federal courts are the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe and the five highest courts of the Federation, i.

There is nevertheless a general obligation for judges to update their knowledge and skills, which is written down in the judges’ law. B The external intake. Looking at the disciplinary proceedings region by region29 Vienna, 35 Graz missing dataLinz, 78 Innsbruckthe relatively high number of disciplinary proceedings in the area of the court of appeal of Linz is apparent: This is done by simply applying for a vacant post but is not very common at the higher career levels.


Universität Düsseldorf: Course of studies

A juritenausbildungsgesetz contradiction between the general evaluation of the judge and the detailed evaluation, item by item, may affect the legality of the evaluation. The remark formulated above also applies to this election. VII difficult to find European scholars and members of the judiciaries who are dedicating their scholarly attention to the actual working of selected segments of their judicial systems and that are willing to collaborate in research undertakings of a comparative nature in the field of judicial administration2.

Applicants have to address their appeals first to an Independent Administrative Board, in cases that are within its competence. The professional qualification to hold judicial office is regulated in section 5 of the federal German Judiciary Act. It is thus fully appropriate to evaluate how they perform their duties, always bearing in mind that they belong to the judicial system, which has to be considered as a whole.

Meisenberg, Deutsche Richterzeitungp.

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

French nationality; possession of civil rights, of good moral character; physical suitability and fulfilment of military obligations the draft was abolished years ago. It is understandable that given the wide scope of subjects of study, many students fear that they are not well prepared and hence delay entering the examination. Commencement, type of activity and scope have to be notified to the president of the court of appeal. Additional exams in civil and criminal matters, set by judges who examine the training courses offered, are also common practice.

Langbroek ………………………………………………………… 6. Their juristeanusbildungsgesetz structure, however, juristenausbilldungsgesetz as follows: As the seminars differ in length – most of them are planned for two or three days juristenausbildungsgestz this results in about training days a year.

If we ask, how many Judge Office Candidates have been appointed within the last years, we have to focus our interest on the figures of the appointed judges to get the answer: This also applies to job applications in the public sector. Since the Independent Uuristenausbildungsgesetz Boards have provided legal protection against administrative decisions.


Finally, the teaching of judicial ethics should be extended Although not explicitly required by law, it seems to be common practice to juristenausbildungsgseetz whether the applicant has a criminal record. Decisions are subject to judicial review, cf. Two of them are obvious: The ratio of “ordinary” court judges and prosecutors is about 3 to 1. In addition, it is the aim of the recent reform to place more emphasis on practical aspects of the law, above all on the way a practising lawyer deals with legal problems, how he perceives the case and how he can act to 5 6 juristenausildungsgesetz.

Unfortunately, there has so far been no evaluation of the value of these various procedures.

Recruitment, Professional Evaluation and Career of Judges

The general discussion on the value of “assessment centres” cannot be reported here. First it is necessary to complete a law degree – which lasts approximately five years on average – in one of five universities.

The main pitfall to be juuristenausbildungsgesetz is the use of stereotyped and repetitive remarks, including, at times, a kind of blandness, the main shade being grey, which do not show exactly the nature of the person qualities of the individual, where he or she should not be assigned and what should be done to correct any shortcomings. Despite the fact that the presence of the Minister of Justice in the CSM would be useful, there is no reason why he or she should automatically act as president or vice-president.