: Just Ella (The Palace Chronicles) (): Margaret Peterson Haddix, René Milot: Books. Just Ella. The Palace Chronicles, Book #1. American Bookseller Pick of the Lists, ; A YALSA Best Book for Young Adults, ; A YALSA Quick Pick for. Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix – The Cinderella legend gets a realistic twist in this enchantingly believable adventure from New York Times bestselling.

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Another thing I loved about this book was that it madkes people feel better about life. She made her own destiny into one that she could have never had if she went through with her marriage to the prince, and even though she could probably never go back to that part of the kingdom, she was better off for it.

It is only then that everything starts to go terribly wrong… This book had me from jjust start. The story opens and Ella Brown is already a princess in the royal palace, engaged to be married to the most beautiful man she has ever seen, Prince Charming.

While she’s waiting she is supposed to learn everything she needs to know to be a worthy wive and a mother of their kids. Other books in the series. Sep 28, Duffy Pratt rated it liked it Shelves: This is the twisted world of Ms. But the palace is oppressive in a different way, and she actually ends up losing some freedoms she had, like doing anything she is good at. The Prince turns out to be extremely boring ellx one dimensional, unable to hold an actual conversation with Ella during their chaperoned meetings.

The story takes place months before the wedding, and Ella is forced to learn how to become more of a lady. I like this story. Her young tutor Jed, however, talks with her about serious things that really matter.


The moral in this working is that Ella can find her “happily ever after” only if she takes charge of her own life. Their answer is to trap her in a dungeon with a serial rapist for a prison keeper, hoping flla wear her down so she’ll see a loveless captive life with Eola as a better alternative.

However, one character says something that’s in agreement with an oft-quoted verse from the book of James. It is also well-written, with an easy-flowing style and quick wit. Frustrated, Ella hadix to finding joy in being with two people: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Ella can’t do anything right ever and gets in trouble with her every time she either opens her mouth or tries to do something. Fifteen-year-old Ella Brown of Fridesia, now known as Princess Cynthiana Eleanora, is engaged to Prince Charming and living in the palace preparing for the wedding day and life as a princess.

Will Ella change her mind?

The girl power was weak and not empowering at all. I would have much rather have Ella end up single and wiser than end up with Jed. Ages 12 and older Mar 01, Jerry rated it liked it.

Just Ella — Adams Literary

To get to the point, I was bored out of my mind. Of course, it’s frustrating, but it gives you the freedom to imagine whatever kind of ending you want it to be. In this world, there is war, refugees, and the only happily ever after is in the outlandish rumors going around the castle about Ella’s background. The palace is a prison all in its own and once again she is a prisoner. In this story, Cinders Ella, mistaken by Cinderella, or Ella Brown her real name lives in the palace, engages to Prince Charming, and waiting for her wedding day.

Increasingly dissatisfied with her life at the palace, and learning that she was chosen to be the prince’s bride to keep the family lineage beautiful as opposed to true love, Ella brings up the possibility of breaking the engagement.


The logical inconsistency in their minds to break, torture and terrify a future queen is really unsettling tonally, especially for a book marketed to eleven and up readers.

She managed to attend by wearing her mother’s old wedding dress and glass slippers she won in a wager with the town’s glassblower, and getting a ride from a friendly coachman. This book is an all-time favorite. She is whiny, judgmental and They have a falling out, however, when she thinks that he is using her to try and realize his dream of a camp for refugees of the Sualan war. In fact, it’s downright boring for a self-reliant and active girl to do needlework all day or listen to instructions on court etiquette from the strict and cold Madame Bisset.

Right away, Ella gets in major trouble just for starting her own fire early in the morning because she was cold. She wants him to get to know her and vise versa but he is only interested in how beautiful she is.


She has no passion – except for the prince and that soon dies out. Ella’s life becomes a meaningless schedule of “princess education,” which she fears she will never grasp.

This book is not set in modern times. Apr 28, Kira Simion rated it liked it Shelves: Novels by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The writing style is clunky and awkward and frustrating. It’s a fun story to find out what happens after the slipper fits and the Prince finds his future wife.

Apr 28, Sylvia rated it hadix was amazing Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.