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Even a ban would have been extended on its further publications. Your Cart is currently empty.

Kalki Avatar By Pantid Ved Parakash Upadhyay – Bazm-e-UrduBazm-e-Urdu

Many books are published with the same name Kalki Avtar aur Mohammad by different authors including Hindu authors. Younas Butt Eid Eisa A. Free download or read online another must read Urdu book “Humbistari Kay Aadab” and learn about the sexual intercourse in the Free download or read online another must read Urdu book “Dastan Eiman Faroshon Ki” and read the stories of those traitor Mus In addition, they have analyzed the predictions of ‘That Sage’ in the Holy Bible, and ‘Antim Buddha Maitreya’ in the Buddhist scriptures, and have come to the conclusion that these predictions also apply to Muhammad and Muhammad alone.

If we examine the meanings of these names we shall come to a very interesting conclusion:. The Puranas, literally ‘ancient’, are the next oldest scriptures. God would teach Kalki Avatar through His messenger angel in a cave. Kalki Autar aur Mohammad by Q. Just register and log in for an unparalleled shopping experience‚Ķ. One Hindu research professor, in his stunning book, claims that the description of Avatar found in the holy books of Hindu religion is in fact that of the Prophet Muhammad S.

Free Software and Games: Kalki Autar Aur Muhammad (PBUH) in Urdu PDF

There kalmi yet no reviews for this product. The author produces the following sound evidence from the Vedas and other holy books of Hindu religion in support of his claim:.


There are eighteen Puranas, which basically contained the Hindu mythology. God would also avail Kalki Avatar with divine help. According to booj prediction, a messenger would come. Amazingly the author of this book is a fair-minded famous professor who happens to be a Hindu.

Kalki Avtar aur Muhammad saheb (book)

In one version of the Hindu scriptures there is mention of twenty-four Avatars, in which Buddha is the twenty-third and Kalki urdy the twenty-fourth Avatar. Availability This product is currently not available. We will try to publish those books soon.

Mohammad in World Scriptures. So it would be foolish on the part of those who still expect Kalki Avatar, who should be an excellent rider and swordsman to come. In Purana a holy book of Hindus it is stated that Kalki Avatar would be the last messenger prophet of God in this world for the Guidance of the whole world and all human beings.

The author here draws the attention of Hindus that the real days of horses and swords have gone and the present time is of guns and missiles. Ramayana is the adventures of Rama, and Mahabharata kalmi the adventures of Krishna- two key figures who expounded the Hindu way of life. Por favor,activa el JavaScript! In those books, a biography and some signs of that messenger is narrated and all those signs and biography is matched with the final prophet, Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.

Muhammad in Parsi, Hindoo and Buddhist Scriptures. Avatar means incarnation of the Divine in the ephemeral world. But before downloading this book, please share this book and like us on face book so that you will be informed about our new book through your facebook account.

Because such a great messenger has come and departed from this world fourteen centuries ago. The facts were verified and supported by the eight eminent pundits.

Kalki is the one who is supposed to biok towards the end of the cycle of time called the Kali-Yug. God would avail Kalki Avatar with a very speedy horse to ride and travel the autae world and the seven skies. The author has given numerous arguments in favor of autaar claim that Kalki Avatar is in fact Prophet Muhammad SAW and those who still await the arrival of Kalki Avatar should think again.


A little while ago, in India, a fact revealing book has been published, which has been the topic of discussions and gossip all over the country. In religious books of Hindus, it is mentioned that the staple food of Kalki Avatar would be dates and olives and he would be the most honest and truthful person in the region. In another version there are ten Avatars, and they are: This was particularly proved in the Battle of Uhud.

Mohammad in World Scriptures Price: After years of research work, he published this book and eight other pundits have endorsed and certified his points of argument as authentic. According to Hindu belief and their holy books, the description of the guide and the leader, named Kalki Avatar, fits only to the Prophet Muhammad of Arabia S.

Description Other Details There are many sacred literatures in the Hindu religion which are regarded by the Hindus as their Scriptures. Indication of Buraq horse and Me’raj ascension when prophet traveled the seven skies.

Namal is a blockbuster Urdu masterpiece of Ms.


Kalki Autar Aur Mohammad P. This Urdu book is authored by Ha According to a Hindu religious prediction, the birth of Kalki Avatar would take place in an isle which kslki according to Hindu religion is the Arab Region. All Books Categories A.

The author is a Hindu Brahmin by caste of Bengali origin.