Cloud computing encompasses a whole range of services and can be hosted in a . The Kasumigaseki Cloud is part of the Digital Japan Creation Project. which is responsible – among other things – of the Japanese government cloud initiative, nicknamed Kasumigaseki Cloud. They presented a. 年6月18日 Posts about kasumigaseki cloud written by Clark Parker.

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Creating the Kasumigaseki Cloud Accelerating the use of ICT nationwide will require the government to take the initiative in implementing measures. Retrieved March 4, Andrea Di Maio is a managing vice president kasumibaseki public sector in Gartner Research, covering government and education.

Please feel free to use articles in this publication, with proper credits. Presentation materials of MIC are available at: Also, improvement of the information literacy of children will be supported, and high-quality personnel who can support programming production and distribution capabilities will be fostered. Yet it is highly likely that as with kasummigaseki major tech-nological changes, the most important issues to be resolved will be people-based, not tech-based.

With respect to IPTV services that distribute high-quality programming to digital televisions via the Kasumigaaeki, measures will include the development of environments that enable programming providers to select IPTV service networks and the development of technical standards for digital televisions compatible with IPTV services. The CIO is attempting to kasumkgaseki massive strategic changes, both in mindsets and operations, in the federal information technology area.

His personal research focus is on digital government strategies, open government, the business value of IT, smart cities, and the impact of technology on the future of government Read Full Bio.

Retrieved June 29, Government Needs to Rethink Technology for 21st Century.

Cloud computing will undoubtedly create jobs in the near-term. Promoting the Ubiquitous Town Concept Regional economies are becoming impoverished, and local governments are in a state of crisis.

– content strategies

Retrieved May 5, How will this impact IT employment overall? Thorough application of ICT will also lead to innovations in industrial structures nationwide and enhance international competitiveness. Information systems will be updated to comply with standard specifications a regional information platform to foster collaboration among the systems of regional public bodies, efficient electronic local government will be expanded, and collaboration among the systems of regional public bodies, the national government, and private organizations will be encouraged to support the development of infrastructure for creating convenient and efficient services.

In addition, by Japanese regulators will require the electronic submission of data from any scientific or health care clinical trials, a key market for U. For individuals, cloud computing means accessing web-based e-mail, photo sharing and productivity software, much of it for free.

In JanuaryMicrosoft announced a drop in profits, citing earnings shortfalls in Japan and China as a leading cause.


The project comprises the nine action items set forth below.

In addition, venture capital subsidy systems kasuimgaseki be improved to accelerate the development of new industries by startup companies. Thus, at a time when cloud computing is emerging so quickly, it will be difficult to train IT professionals on cloud technologies and then retain them.

Specific measures will include implementation of remote healthcare, implementation of measures to improve health through the sharing and use of health and medical information, increasing the efficiency of healthcare services by using ASP, SaaS, and ubiquitous network technologies, and increasing the public’s peace of mind and safety.

Retrieved October 4, IBM is also working with the Vietnamese government and universities to help the country leverage the power of cloud computing across the public and private sectors of this rapidly changing, formerly agrarian economy. And in order to encourage economic development, national and regional governments may require cloud providers to either manage operations in government data centers or to even locate data centers within their jurisdictions so that the money and jobs stay in their own kasumivaseki area!

In addition to growing participation by Chinese ICT companies, Japan has strong domestic cloud firms, such as Fujitsu. The project seeks not only to create new digital industries but also to revitalize the Japanese economy by maximizing use of the potential of ICT supported by world-leading broadband infrastructure, increasing efficiency and creating high added value in existing industries, and generating new value by strengthening collaboration among different industries.

Among these technologies are next-generation optical communications, such as ultra-high-speed, energy-saving all-optical communications, and innovative networking technologies that boast the world’s highest data transfer speeds, kxsumigaseki reliability, and ultra-low power consumption, including secure and reliable next-generation cloud networking technologies, three-dimensional video technologies that do not rely on special glasses, and automated voice translation technologies that can overcome language barriers.

Using the cloud services factory, software developers can readily access the computer resources they require for projects. For the cloud model to work in the public or private sector, it is essential that there be: We have seen revolutionary computing technologies come about roughly once each decade in the modern era of computing since around kasimigaseki, when computing came to mean computations performed by a machine, not by man.

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Also, new projections show declining corporate revenues in Japan due to faltering economic conditions attributable to decreased consumer spending. New information and communication services will also be developed and fostered. In addition, as networks become more diverse, technical infrastructure will be developed to allow efficient sharing of content relating to education courses and textsbusiness, government, and so on via both communications and broadcasting services.

July 8, at 9: Kundra, discussing his decision to emphasize greater use of cloud technologies in C. With fast, reliable internet connectivity and computer power, it does not matter where the document, the e-mail or the data the user sees on the screen comes from.


There will undoubtedly however be some resistance among the IT workforce to the advent of cloud computing. Efforts are also being made to expand online applications by making public personal certification systems more convenient from the perspective of users and expanding their use, encouraging the use of digital devices that have become common in the day-to-day activities of the public, such as mobile phones, and establishing and improving support systems for online applications.

This will, of necessity, lead to changes in how IT and IT managers are evaluated for their performance. They must overcome this complexity to create solutions Cloud computing enables providers to use distant data centers for cloud computing. The global recession triggered by the financial crisis that occurred in the autumn of last year is ongoing, and economic conditions in Japan have declined rapidly as well.

In turn, the spending decline in Japan is due to an increased local sales tax. The country has existing comprehensive intellectual property IP and cybercrime laws, protecting IP stored on clouds from theft and offering recourse in case of breaches. By focusing on technologies in which Japan excels and introducing them to markets quickly, new digital industries will be established, leading to the revitalization of industry, enhancement of international competitiveness, and improved consumer services.

For organizations, shifting to the cloud means having the ability to contract for computing services on-demand rather than having to invest to host all the necessary hardware, software and support personnel necessary to provide a given level of services. November CSA releases comprehensive machine translation research and video Series. While data protection is vital, such an approach could restrict even those cloud providers with strong safeguards in place for personal information stored on their servers, based on their location in jurisdictions not deemed to be adequate.

In delivering public services, as a large customer of ICT products and services and as the owner of data systems, the public sector has enormous influence on the market. Still, cloud computing represents a revolutionary change in the way computing power will be used and procured, and as such, it will have significant impact both in the developed world and in developing nations.

Still, while some have predicted the end of the PC era with the rise of the cloud computing model, many believe that most organizations and even individuals will continue to make use of traditional PCs and laptops, even if more and more of their use will be to access the cloud.