Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Shipping, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Kawai MP8!. The Kawai MP8 is the one I choose to play. It is a great sounding “grand piano.” The drawback is the wood construction for the weighted keys. It makes the unit. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Buy KAWAI MP8 II at Amazon UK.

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Or by becoming a Subscribing member! An instrument that is to be trs imression solid, rather heavy but the dsavantage to be accepted because of the wooden keys. Price of Lachnit seems prohibitive kawxi most players, and from the little I’ve read, Lachnit does not seem to be widely available for testing or easily serviced in many locales.

It’s refreshing TimN that you’ve actually found a great semi-portable keyboard!

Weighted controller: Kawai MP8 or ES8? (Page 1) – Pianoteq user forum – Pianoteq forum

By using setups it is now possible to filter MIDI note information sent i. Active topics Unanswered topics RSS. Maybe Yamaha cp4, p or Roland a88 midi. Previously, when the normal touch curve didn’t fit your playing style, the only solution was to choose one of the different touch curve presets in the piano.

I play this instrument sduit It does not get tired, I feel I really have amliorer my skills every time I play shall adopt. One needs to judge any keyboard action for oneself, of course, I would like to note und well over 10, do with that touch, I would not really how to do better! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. IMO GF1 is such a phenomenal piano action, particularly in a slab.

So, I quite like it – Casio is just no fun to play. Yamaha and Roland have wooden keys also for what it’s worth and Casio has developed a hammer mechanism based on a real action too. Easy to handle on stage or in the studio The MP8 has 4 zones.


I never want to do exercises on a piano numrique, plastic keys were not at all true, do not talk about the sound Perhaps the look too, but it is matter of taste; – En -?

All user reviews for the Kawai MP8

Also theirs is sampled per-key, whereas the PX stretches each sample for several keys. While it is heavy, even for beginners Heavy trs.

I just don’t like upright action. Originally Posted by pedman I have owned my Kawai MP8 keyboard for over 10 years, and I’m currently using the Pianoteq 5 sounds over the internal piano sounds. Despite its few default, the MP8 knows impose its suprmatie.

I haven’t tried the MP11, that might be an exception, although I don’t need the internal sounds it has, so not willing to pay the premium. I toured the sounds “to play”, to say the they are usable Progress has been made since, but not amazing progress at least in most portable keyboards Last edited by slobajudge Also, is there a big difference between the newer keyboards having a “let off” feature compared to my MP8.

Separate fader sliders allow the levels for each zone to be controlled intuitively, in real-time, with a variety of additional functions and assignments available at the touch of a button, from one of the programmable setups further assisting mo8 performance. Log in Become a member.

Unfortunately, the size of the notch prevents a comprehensive menu, which would ease the select. I personally find it hard to understand why one would compare Lachnit to a semi-weighted synthesizer action.

The key action in Kawai mp8 awa pro is one generation older then on Kawai VPC1 and similar products RM3 grand but its still better than plastic keys on modern stage pianos in low middle cost price range at least.

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Finally, the possibility of four sounds grate both the rpart and kawsi keyboard is really impressive and useful. The rest of the settings with the effects delay, phaser, flanger, So as a controller it’s pretty damn good – what annoys me is that, it has great speakers apparently much improved from the PXbut I totally don’t like the built-in piano sound.


You are not logged in. So he was there and said to me that Lachnit is excellent instrument but not for classical piano training because action is too light for anything serious almost like semi weight synth.

Dja presets are included with the effects, which are themselves well trs. It should be just as wood becomes more But again, you likely won’t notice this unless you’re playing very dynamic, bass heavy music. Its wooden keys and mechanical action makes the MP8: The Rhodes in the Kawai are not “dirt” of the true vintage instrument, they tend to E-Pianos of the 80’s era.

For cons, the sounds of electric piano and B3 are good the Leslie effect is forgotten. The Lachnit plus Pianoteq is the only current portable keyboard I’ve tried that compares for action, kaeai and expressive control, in my opinion. I was afraid of that because because this man on Youtube also said that in comments before my friend was in Vienna https: It certainly feels good to play, but the Lachnit is on another level, in my opinion.

Great 88 note weighted action. He ask them why the action is not better because price is high and they said to him that if they want to put better action Lachnit will be cost at kqwai 1k more. Kqwai mp8 is too old to put money on it. Have you ever tried playing an acoustic piano with earplugs to block the sound you hear?

Zones can be freely split, layered and velocity switched to create stunning, personalised performances.

Thanks for the comments guys. So instead of velocity levels standard MIDI it sends 16, levels. The features are excellent in theory and practice. I put on a good note because even when I bought the keyboard for all kind of luxurious, and is the top.